Appetite Suppressant for Women and Mend


SANE Aamia is a clinically proven and backed Appetite Suppressant meant for both, men and women. Infused with Choline and Inositol you’ll be able to lower your set-point faster and more naturally.

Aamia as an appetite suppressant

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Appetite Suppressant for Women and Mend✅ SANE Aamia is a healthy, natural weight loss supplement clinically proven to suppress appetite and remove cravings by restoring your metabolism and clearing hormonal clogs

✅ Specifically formulated to lower your set-point for natural, effective fat-burning and weight loss. Increases fat burning by up to 3 times when taken with a healthy diet

✅ Natural appetite suppressant with Inosilotol, our proprietary blend of Inositol and DL- Methionine helps regulate your blood sugar, reducing those typical afternoon or midnight cravings

✅ Stimulant- Free means no jitters! Users of Aamia appetite suppressant for weight loss, often report a reduction in sugar and carb cravings with no uncomfortable side effects

✅ Guaranteed safe with multiple levels of quality assurance — Made from the highest quality ingredients in a N.S.F. and G.M.P. certified manufacturing facility based in the USA


What are the nutrients and amounts in Aamia SANE Nutraceuticals?

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Should I purchase SANE Aamia only?

You may have noticed on our SANE Solution website or store the, “LOWER MY SET-POINT FAST” BUNDLE that also includes SANE Luminae and save even more? Well, SANE Aamia was formulated for long-term weight maintenance and for those who have 10 or fewer pounds to lose.

For those who have 10+ pounds to lose, the fastest results can be seen by combining SANE Aamia with SANE Luminae™.

SANE Luminae™, is a complementary formula that synergistically increases the potency and effectiveness of SANE Aamia™ using a patented ingredient that has been shown in clinical studies to increase weight loss by 3 times.

After you select your package you will be able to choose how many you would like to order to enjoy an even bigger discount!

Appetite suppressant pills that actually work, and are good for you!

If diet and exercise are still not getting you the results you want, you likely have an elevated set-point weight. This can make burning fat and losing weight nearly impossible.

When you lower your set-point, you physically change how your body works so you can be more like those lucky naturally thin people who burn calories when they eat calories (instead of storing calories as fat).

SANE Aamia™ is a proprietary clinical formulation designed to lower your set-point weight by helping to restore your body’s natural ability to burn fat and keep it off by optimizing your metabolism, hormones, and neurotransmitters while reducing cravings, abdominal fat, and dysregulation in the appetite and weight centers of your brain.

Containing a synergistic blend of therapeutic grade active ingredients at clinically proven doses, Aamia™ has been shown to:

🥑 Promote a lower set-point weight
🧠 Help clear hormonal clogs
💊 Aid in overcoming weight loss resistance
✅ Optimize metabolism, hormones, and neurotransmitter

SANESolution Vitaae


SANE Solution’s Vitaae contains three patented ingredients in a proprietary synergistic formulation that cannot be found or purchased anywhere else!

Vitaae Once a Day?

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sane vitaaeVitaae at the source has such a powerful formula and composition that is actually stimulant free. Do you find yourself in need for some quick concentration or have trouble getting out of that brain fog? Well, you’re not alone. What you can do, however, is part ways and say goodbye to “leaky brain” and brain inflammation.

Did you know that these conditions are an often hidden cause of brain fog, depression, anxiety, low-energy, memory loss, stress and weight gain?

Indeed. The brain-gut-hormone axis is incredibly powerful to boot. SANE Solution Vitaae taken once a day nourishes your neurological axons and brain matter with Cognizin Citicoline (patented). This is a form of CDP-Choline – a chemical our brains use and need in times of focus or attention!

Advantage: You and Vitaae!

Vitaae at the core is food for t he brain and our SANE family will happily report (including the writer of this blog post), that you can noticeably increase mental acuity and ‘get in the zone’ much easier – like you were younger.

Is Vitaae Anti Aging?

Studies have proven that clinically-significant results can be enjoyed within 6 weeks of using Vitaae, daily.

Is Vitaae Safe?


Guaranteed safe with multiple levels of quality assurance — Made from the highest quality ingredients in an N.S.F. and G.M.P. certified manufacturing facility based in the USA.

SANE Nutraceuticals & Vitaae Facts

N.S.F. and FDA G.M.P.

Guaranteed safe with multiple levels of quality assurance — Made from the highest quality ingredients in a N.S.F. and FDA G.M.P. certified manufacturing facility based in the USA

weight gain

Experience rapid unexpected weight loss as a side effect of curing neurological inflammation. Warning: If you don’t have at least 10 lbs to lose, Please consult your doctor before using Vitaae.



The only nutrient formulation to help brain function and improve mood due to the action of patented Cognizin™ that’s proven to support brain cellular synthesis, brain energy, and focus.

leaky brain

Say goodbye to the hidden epidemic of “leaky brain” and brain inflammation that is an often hidden cause of brain fog, depression, anxiety, low-energy, memory loss, and weight gain.

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viscera-3 reviews


Have you heard of the postbiotics supplements causing immunity miracle that is Viscera-3? End deadly leaky gut, protect yourself against diseases, and rest easy knowing that you just found the last and only health supplement you’ll ever need.

How is Viscera-3 revolutionizing gut health?

“Why Choose SANE Viscera-3™?”, is a question you should be asking yourself (or us!) if you spent the last who-knows-how-long years consuming routine probiotic supplements. You see, the way we were all advised to care for our stomach and gut was flawed. Typically, this flawed system has five painful steps:

  1. Step one is to eat lots and lots of fermentation resistant starches, better known as fiber.
  2. Then spend lots of money on probiotic supplements and take them multiple times every day.
  3. These two substances need to transfer through your entire digestive system. Stomach, upper colon, and then finally to the lower colon.
  4. Then your gut bacteria digest the fiber, fermenting in your gut. That is why you often experience painful bloating and embarrassing gas when you eat more fiber.
  5. After your gut bacteria digests the fiber it excretes these gut health super nutrients which are called Short Chain Fatty Acids.

Sound familiar? Here’s how Viscera-3 steps in. Dumping more probiotics into an unhealthy gut is like pouring gas in an engine that does not run, it is a waste of hard earned money. So with Viscera-3, you can expect an ENTIRELY different gut-game!

SANESolution’s Postbiotic Viscera-3

Viscera-3 optimizes and fortifies the 70 percent of your immune system that is in your gut, with the “postbiotic” one-step shortcut that is the best defense against pathogens, toxins, and viruses. Rest assured that an end to the notorious leaky gut syndrome is here, your  immunity is strong, and the system is functioning as well as possible.

Viscera-3’s TRIButyrate strengthens your intestine walls and defends against deadly diseases.

More on Viscera-3’s Benefits:

postbiotics supplements✅ Enjoy the disease defending benefits of a healthy gut without a porous and leaky gut that allows pathogens, toxins, and viruses into your bloodstream causing havoc with your health and leaving you at high risk of diseases.

✅ Target the deadliest type of belly fat visceral fat by turning on your “slim gut switch” in just 10 seconds every morning.

✅ Throw out your extra fiber and probiotics and skip the old, slow, and painful 5 step process and achieve even better gut health with the “slim gut, immune healing short cut.”

✅ Guaranteed safe with multiple levels of quality assurance — Made from the highest quality ingredients in an N.S.F. and FDA G.M.P. certified manufacturing facility based in the USA.