What is setpoint weight

What is Setpoint Weight (And Why It Matters WAY More Than Calories)

What is setpoint weight

There is a huge myth out there which is the #1 reason 93.5% of all diets fail. it’s because they focus entirely on the wrong things. It’s so bad that I even wrote a new York Times bestseller The Calorie Myth to expose this lie and shed light on the truth that I uncovered in the latest research from places like Harvard Medical School and The Cleveland Clinic.

This research is showing us—and one glance at any main street will conform it—that counting calories is not working to fight weight gain.

Counting calories is proven to be the wrong thing to focus on. Your set point weight is the most important factor that will determine how much you weight over the long term. So what is your setpoint weight and why is it the missing key to losing weight? Why is it is the single reason popular diets fail time and time again?

So What Is Setpoint Weight And How Is It Different?

Your setpoint weight is a ten pound range that your biological processes fight to keep your body weight within. Therefore, if you focus on lowering your set point weight, your body will finally work with you to lose weight instead of feeling like it is fighting you every single day.

Think of it like a clogged sink. When a sink is clogged no matter how much, or how little water you put down the sink, it will still get backed up. However when you unclog the sink, you can have a steady stream of water draining and the sink will never overflow. Our bodies and how we burn fat is very similar.

So you can think of your metabolism like the sink. If we lower your setpoint it will help to fix your metabolism and unclog your sink. That means you can eat as much SANE food as possible and you will never gain weight. That’s right I said never. If you really get this and commit to making a transformation, not just small changes, I promise that you will be able to eat and eat and you will never feel hungry again. It’s a big promise I know, but that is our goal here as we help you learn about what your setpoint weight is and how it can help you lose weight and keep it off.

Lowering your set point weight is the real secret that so many diets get “kinda, sorta, almost”… but not quite, we are the first to put it all together and we want to create your own SANE breakthrough so let’s get started.

4 Quick Tips To Lower Your Setpoint Weight

One of the most common questions we hear every single day, before people have really “gotten” what SANE is all about, they often ask: “What is my setpoint weight?” That’s a great question and while there is no specific lab test we can do to get a specific answer, the results will show in your life. You will have more energy. Your friends and family may comment on how you look younger. You will look thinner and feel a lightness that you have not enjoyed in years.

So, now that you know what your setpoint weight is and why lowering it is the single most important missing key to permanent and lasting weight loss, how do you lower it? Glad you asked!

First off we have an entire in-depth article that covers “how to lower your setpoint” but here is a quick primer:

1 – Fill your plate with lean protein, whole food fats, and and be sure to fill up on non-starchy vegetables. Find as many fun and creative ways to get more veggies as you can. We have plenty we can share with you.

2 – Cut out sugar, wheat, starchy vegetables and artificial sweeteners. It may sound like a lot, but trust me once you learn the simple secrets of cooking SANE it’s so much easier and delicious than you can even imagine.

3 – When you exercise use short light sets of eccentric movements for just a few minutes each week to get the most efficient fat-burning workout possible.

4 – Get 8 hours of sleep and enough water.

It’s time to completely change your relationship with food and create your own personal food transformation and to do that we have created a short assessment that will give you your Set Point Risk Score. This will also give you the exact steps you can take to lower your risk score and thereby lower your setpoint weight. Click here to learn more.