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Might Your Multivitamin Be a Waste of Money, plus, A Whole New Take on Micronutrients #SANE with Jayson And Mira Calton & Jonathan Bailor

Sam’s SANE Story: Former NFL Player Drops 85lbs and Beats Diabetes in 3 Months

The best news came from his doctor who proclaimed him cured of diabetes and took him off metformin immediately. “In 35 years of practicing medicine, I have never seen anything like this,” said Sam’s doctor. One of SANE’s most powerful case studies regarding diabesity is Sam, 67, a construction manager and former NFL player with […]


5 Things your Doctor Doesn’t Know about High Cholesterol and Diet

When you hear the term, “high cholesterol,” you probably think about heart disease first, and too much saturated fat in the diet, second. But what if neither of these things are true?  What if the real cause of heart disease is quite different, and what if your doctor doesn’t know about it? To be sure, […]