How Does Setpoint Weight Loss Compare to Popular Diets

Trying one or more popular diets may have you losing weight, but the ‘diet of the month’ isn’t going to teach you how to keep it off. Adjusting your setpoint weight will. Let’s take a minute and see how setpoint weight loss compares to popular weight loss plans

Popular Diets Will Help You Lose Weight But Not Keep It Off

Many diets being discussed today are telling you: “You need to cut back on the number of calories you’re eating every day and become more active.” That’s just wrong! First of all, eating less is a form of starvation. You’re still hungry, but now you’re also tired and grouchy. Worst of all, depriving your body of food isn’t the answer. I will show why these popular diets raise your setpoint weight.

Secondly, when popular or fad diets say you need to be more active, they mean you need to exercise, not just take a walk. Let’s think about that for a minute. What if you already follow a workout routine every single day, but it’s not helping you lose weight? What are you supposed to do if your age or health doesn’t permit more activity? What happens after you gain back the weight you managed to lose, do you push yourself even harder?

We know from past experiences that the ‘diet of the month’ is just a short-term fix to a long-term problem. It isn’t sustainable. It’s not healthy. It definitely isn’t the solution for anyone’s weight loss issues. So, what is the answer?

Setpoint Weight Loss Is Sustainable While Popular Diets Fail

If you’re not already familiar with the term ‘setpoint weight’ then you should know your body has a built-in preset weight. The weight regulation section of your brain determines the correct weight, within a plus or minus ten-pound range, for your body type. Your setpoint is based on diet, exercise, hormones, and your genes. Popular diets almost never lower your setpoint weight.

Setpoint weight is the reason you can be temporarily successful in losing weight, only to gain it back. Unfortunately, many people end up gaining back more than they lost. Your setpoint weight isn’t allowing you to maintain your new weight. Unlike popular diets, SANE teaches you how to reset your setpoint weight in a way that helps to heal your body.

When we ask ourselves ‘how does setpoint weight loss compare to popular diets?’ The answer is simple; resetting your setpoint weight is a long-term solution, unlike popular diets which are only temporary fixes. Re-adjusting your setpoint weight can be done in a SANE way that’s healthy, satisfying, but most importantly, sustainable.

Can I Really Change My Setpoint Weight? How Do I Get Started?

Sure, you can change your setpoint weight or you can continue the painful cycle of losing and gaining weight for the rest of your life. But, if you’re sick and tired of yoyo dieting and want to discover the healthy sustainable way to reset your body’s setpoint weight…Click here to learn how.