Eat SANE with SANESolution! SANE is a set of principles which means you can leave the dreaded checklists at home. Customize and optimize your sanity to meet all kinds of personal goals by eating SANE.

Eat SANE Enjoyably

When you eat with our program, there is no goal that is out of reach. So ask yourself about your personal goals when you’re evaluating your eating habits.

Not surprisingly at all, when you eat, the desire to eat non-SANE foods goes away and the proof is in our success stories!

eat sane

Do you think lethargy, lack of energy, or mild depression is normal before going SANE? That’s the everyday experience of most yo-yo dieters unfortunately but – fortunately for you, we have the SANESolution!

Eat SANE With Jonathan Bailor:

Some of Jonathan’s typical meals:

  1. Hard-boiled eggs with salt and hot sauce, a vegetable smoothie, and possibly a few desiccated beef liver tablets to meet maximum protein SANEity.
  2. A smoothie made with coconut flour, chia seeds, shredded unsweetened coconut, cinnamon, whey protein powder, vanilla extract, peppermint oil extract, some xylitol, non-dutched cocoa powder, unflavored gelatin, and guar gum. Add ice to make an ice cream-like treat.