Have Embarrassing Questions You Need Answered? Ask the Poo Doctor!

ask poo doctorSANE’s very own Poo Doctor dives into questions dealing with poop (like, what does my poop mean?) phlegm, smells of all kinds, sex, colors of our bodies and more. What we’re all wondering to ourselves – Poo Doctor answers! Check it out!

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Have You Heard About Throat Cleaner?

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Why THIS Poop Fix Challenge?

It’s simple. Poop Fix. It works. And you will see the results for yourself right in your toilet within 7 days. Just follow these 3 easy steps and enjoy.

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2. Take note of how often you have perfect bowel movements.

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Is this Poop Fix Challenge Different than the Others?

Simply put – yes!

You’ll enjoy perfected bowel movements with the POSTBIOTIC secret to a healthy, slimming gut microbiome. Not only that but this challenge is limited to 7-days and if you want to be a part of it with massive savings, head over to the fix challenge.

Patented TRIButyrate is the MOST EFFECTIVE way to get this “stinky” miracle nutrient in your lower colon. You’ll seriously fix farts and reduce bloating, heal leaky gut, and defend against deadly disease.

SECRET To Perfect Poops? Poop Fix Challenge

After many extensive years of research, scientists have finally combined 3 Butyrate molecules with a glycerol molecule to create a radically more effective version of this “optimal” Short Chain Fatty Acid. Make sure to be a part of the challenge here:


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