Jogging causes more harm than good?

“[Exercised induced injuries]…can be as high as 55% among men and women involved in jogging programs” – The American Heart Association

How’s that possible? How can jogging hurt more than half the people who do it?

Every mile we run, our feet hit the ground about 900 times. Let’s say you weigh 150lbs. That means for every mile you run, you are smashing 135,000 pounds of force against your joints, ligaments, and everything else you’ll need for the rest of your life. That like dropping 37 Toyota Camry’s on your joints, ligaments, and all that other goodness.

Jogging causes more harm: What are the benefits?

That’s why jogging hurts more than half the folks who do it.

It’s not about exercising more. It’s about exercising less, smarter.

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  1. CG says:

    I do the eccentric sane exercises but after the second week (I do it once a week) I’m not sore anymore. I’m not sure how to make it harder

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