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Welcome to SANESolution where SANE Success Stories Are Not Forced Out of Starvation or Yo-Yo Dieting! With the SANESolution Program Combined With Our Powerful, Proven, and Practical Therapeutic Grade Nutraceuticals, You’ll Eat More. Burn More.™! Transform Your Life Today the SANE Way With CEO and New York Times Best Seller, Jonathan Bailor, and His Incredible Team of Wellness Experts! Enjoy the revolutionary plan from the world’s most advanced science. From industry leading gut health, brain health supplements, weight loss supplements, and immunity boosters – SANE has your success covered. Break Free, Live #BETTER!”

Jonathan Bailor is the Founder, CEO, and Executive Chef of the world’s fastest growing metabolic healing and Diabesity treatment company SANESolution. He founded the field of Wellness Engineering and authored the New York Times best seller The Calorie Myth and The Setpoint Diet, starred in and produced the award-winning movie BETTER, has registered over 26 patents, has spoken at Fortune 100 companies and TED conferences for over a decade, and created the best-selling brain, gut, and hormone supplements Vitaae, Viscera-3, Luminae, and Aamia. His work has been endorsed and implemented by top doctors from Johns Hopkins, the Mayo Clinic, the Cleveland Clinic, and UCLA. Jonathan Bailor lives outside Seattle with his wife, Angela, and daughters Aavia and Keirra. For more information about Jonathan’s work on Postbiotics make sure to visit SANESolution!

SANESolution delivers brain, gut health, and hormone healing that lasts with…

  • SANE Postbiotics
  • Natural Appetite Suppressants
  • Clinically Studied Nutrients
  • Stimulant Free Fat Burner

Our Nutraceuticals Replace Prebiotic and Probiotics Supplements. Simply put, enjoy the perfect poop as a result of Viscera-3!

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viscera-3 ingredients

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