The 3C Fix For Carb Cravings, Diabetes, and Weight Gain (Nutraceuticals)

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In today’s article you’ll discover three of the most powerful Nutraceuticals — which when used together in specific doses and ratios — help to curb carb cravings, reverse diabetes… and much more!

These specific Nutraceuticals are near and dear to my heart because of their thereputic impact on diabetes… and the devistating impact diebetes has had on my family. If you’d like to learn more about that personal story… and impact diabetes is having on us globally… please take a quick look at my TED talk on diabetes below.

Nutraceuticals are the SANE upgraded version of typical supplements (because typical supplements do nothing to lower your setpoint weight). Nutraceuticals are naturally occurring compounds, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals which when purified and concentrated to clinically significant levels have a therapeutic impact on your hormones, metabolism, brain, and gut.

Nutraceuticals are different from traditional supplements because traditional supplements either attempt to manipulate your appetite temporarily through suppressants or speed up your fat burning mechanisms temporarily through stimulants. They may work to burn calories in the short term (in the case of stimulants), but SANE Nutraceuticals work to burn fat in the long term by optimizing your metabolism, hormones, and neurotransmitters while reducing cravings, emotional eating, and levels of inflammation in the appetite regulatory centers of your brain. In other words, typical supplements do nothing to solve the underlying issue. SANE Nutraceuticals, on the other hand, help fix the underlying problem so that weight loss becomes automatic.

Chromium Picolinate for Reducing Insulin Resistance, Fighting Cravings, and Burning Fat

This mineral helps your body better process carbohydrates while combating insulin resistance, helping to balance hormone levels, and improving blood sugar levels. It also assists the body in burning fat and fighting cravings for sugar, bread, and pasta.

In a landmark study, chromium picolinate improved the action of insulin in obese, insulin-resistant rats. With help from chromium, their cells were better equipped to sense and handle high-sugar burdens. The mineral enabled the cells to break down glucose, use it for energy, and lower glucose levels in the blood.

Elsewhere, a review of studies published in the scientific literature from 1966 through 2002 concluded that a daily dose of 1,000 micrograms of chromium could significantly reduce blood sugar levels in people with type 2 diabetes. The review also noted that, through its involvement with insulin function, chromium may play an indirect role in lowering blood lipids.

Over a period of eight weeks, a placebo-controlled study was conducted in overweight and obese volunteer with atypical depression to assess the effects of chromium picolinate on carbohydrate cravings. Carbohydrate cravings, weight gain, sleepiness, and fatigue are characteristic symptoms of atypical depression. There were 110 patients in the study; 70 received 600 micrograms daily of chromium picolinate, and 40 took a placebo. Researchers found that daily supplementation with chromium picolinate significantly reduced carbohydrate cravings compared with the placebo. You may want chromium picolinate if you’re concerned about your blood sugar levels, since this mineral plays such a key role in glucose metabolism. (More Info & Limited Time BOGO Deal)

L-Carnitine for Fat-Burning

This amino acid shuttles newly “freed” body fat into the energy-producing power plants in your cells, called the mitochondria. With help from carnitine, these amazing organelles collect fat and incinerate it to produce energy you can feel all day long.

With carnitine, there is hope for more efficient fat-burning – so say several studies, including these two:

Researchers gave carnitine (250 milligrams daily) or a placebo to women with polycystic ovary syndrome. After 12 weeks, the women who supplemented with carnitine reduced their overall weight, plus trimmed fat from their waist and hips and reduced insulin resistance, compared with the placebo group, who experienced no improvements in any of these areas.

In another study, 12 slightly overweight volunteers supplemented with or without carnitine for just 10 days while following a regular diet. The dose was three grams daily. At the end of trial, those who took carnitine had a higher rate of fat-burning than those who did not supplement. Also, the carnitine group maintained lean muscle. This means that carnitine not only burns excess body fat, but it also preserves body-defining muscle. Not bad for a single lipotropic! (More Info & Limited Time BOGO Deal)

Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ 10) for Heart Health, Antioxidant Protection, Blood Sugar Control, and More

Whether you’re lounging around at home, taking a brisk walk, or mentally tackling a complex problem, coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is constantly active. It’s on the job, producing the energy you need for daily life. As an antioxidant, it’s also defending your body from the nasty, toxic free radical bombardment that damages your cells and ages your mind and body.

Extensively researched for an array of health benefits, CoQ10 helps convert fats and sugar to energy in cells, while protecting the heart. In fact, it has been demonstrated scientifically to help people with weak hearts, including those with diseases such as cardiomyopathy and heart failure.

A thorough review of CoQ10 published in 2014 in the Journal of Diabetes and Metabolic Disorders reported that the nutrient prevents the formation of fat cells (in mice); increases fat burning in fat tissue; and fights chronic inflammation. The review also pointed out that CoQ1O is low in people with diabetes and that supplementation is beneficial for treating diabetes and insulin resistance. (More Info & Limited Time BOGO Deal)

Remember that when it comes to anything even resembling supplements… sourcing, dose, and purity are CRITICAL. The supplement industry is not regulated and the vast majority of supplements do not contain what they claim to contain — or worse — they contain low-quality or tainted sources of their ingredients.

To help protect you from this nonsense, you can learn more about SANE’s pure, safe, and effective Nutraceuticals Aamia and Luminae (which provide optimal doses of the “3Cs” discussed today), and buy-one-get-one-free (till Thursday) here.

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