Do you suffer from joint pain or stiffness? How about achy knees?

If so, you’re not alone. Chronic joint pain is a common problem with no easy solution. Until now. Clinical research studies show collagen to be even more effective than the often-used glucosamine in relieving joint pain and inflammation.

It has proven especially effective in treating osteoarthritis, the most common cause of joint pain. In one study, 68% of osteoarthritis patients showed clear improvement in pain assessment when treated with collagen.1

In addition, the group treated with collagen showed significant decreases in total swollen joints and score index for painful joints, showing a clear improvement over the group who was not taking collagen. After just 90 consecutive days at a dose of 10 g, collagen clearly improved the quality of their life.1

Another study found amazing anti-joint pain results with a 40% decrease in patients reported pain. That same study also showed improvement in daily activities suggesting an improvement in overall quality of life.2

Even if you’re an athlete with chronic joint pain, collagen supplementation can help. A 24-week study on athletes by Penn State University showed decreased joint pain among six parameters, including joint pain when carrying objects, joint pain while walking, and joint pain at rest. The study also stated collagen may even reduce the risk of joint deterioration in the high-risk group.3 So not only is collagen a natural and SAFE joint pain reliever, it may even help to prevent long-term joint damage. Really is a miracle, isn’t it?

Finally, a study on subjects reporting joint pain but no history of arthritis showed significant improvement with collagen supplementation. How significant? Just 40 mg of collagen per day (for four months) improved their knee range of motion from 73.2º to 81º. Plus, they noted a longer time for joint pain to occur during exercise and faster recovery. The maximum benefits of collagen supplementation occurred three months after supplementation began.4

The scientific evidence is clear: collagen supplementation can be the miracle cure you’ve been looking seeking for your joint pain!

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