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JONATHAN: Hey, everybody, Jonathan Bailor back and debuting the video podcast simulcast here with one of my favorite people in the world, so delighted to be making this Virgin experience with non-other than —

JJ: Oh my god –

JONATHAN: Ah, yeah, I just did that on the fly I didn’t even of planned it —

JJ: You couldn’t resist it –

JONATHAN: JJ Virgin, how you doing today?

JJ: Course that meant I had to actually change my shirt and comb my hair.

JONATHAN: Oh, JJ well, thank you so much, I know you’re chatting with us right after surgery, you’re on the road, you’re doing all kinds of stuff, so give us a little recap of the world of JJ Virgin over the past couple of months.

JJ: Over the past couple of months – let’s see like we got the cookbook all ready to go, the cookbook is out this week, February 18th, The Virgin Diet Cookbook’s out and I’ll share a little story in a little bit because most people don’t know that I started my life as a chef and then I’ve been writing my other sugar book, my gosh, that’s not until November, and then I got a little total knee replacement. I went in for a partial knee replacement and ten minutes before they go, we think that you need a total knee replacement and I go alright, well, how long do I have to decide? Ten minutes –

JONATHAN: They should have gotten you like a buy one get one free, it’s like if you get your right knee replaced –

JJ: Yeah –

JONATHAN: We’ll throw in the left one for free.

JJ: Yeah, it’s like well, what else could I have if we’re just going to do this – it was interesting, I trained really hard for surgery and I mean really hard, because I thought what am I going to do now to hurt it – it doesn’t matter anymore so I just went in the gym for four months and trained really hard. I had an old ballet injury. I have to say this because some mean woman on Facebook of course when I said I had this, there’s always that one hater that just pops up and you go, did you really do that? She said, well, it’s probably because you exercise so much and I go, I’m all about burst training and intense exercise and exercising less, hello — are you listening, but, I worked out and really trained for the surgery, it was an old ballet injury, then I compounded it in Wally Ball and mogul skiing and a Bar Mitzvah dance contest, so I mean it just went downhill, but I did all of this prep stuff. I had stuff in the recovery room that I was getting smuggled in to help my brain recover and then I just did a ton of stuff coming out of it — just amazing amino acids and collagen and glutathione and IVs and in fact I was back at the gym in ten days doing squats and lunges and step ups and so –

JONATHAN: Awesome —

JJ: Yeah, because they said there was nothing I could do to hurt it, which is the wrong thing to tell me, but yeah, I was back in high shoes 21 days later.

JONATHAN: That’s (Inaudible 00:03:11) and JJ that’s something I want to unpack here because you really – I know you had to change shirts because you had your Superwoman S on your chest before and you have to keep that under wraps, Clark Kent style. How do you do all of this? You’ve got myriad books, you’ve got a business, you’ve got a family, you’ve got joints getting replaced, how do you make that happen practically?

JJ: Well, you know, I think with all of this, it’s really about prioritizing and understanding this is a lot easier than people think and that’s the real deal. With exercise, this concept is with exercise that we have to go and do all of it, an hour plus in the gym, but the same rules that we bonded over the Calorie Myth, man, I was like oh, I love this guy – we bonded over the all calories are not created equal craziness, well, it’s the same with exercise. All exercise is not created equal. Endurance training makes you fat, old and lose your sex drive. I mean I don’t know, maybe some people like that because I certainly see a lot of people out doing that and walking for weight loss is just stupid. It’s not going to work. So, you know me, I’m delicate (Inaudible 00:4:19)

JONATHAN: What do you really think here?

JJ: How do you feel about that? It was really clear to me early on. I was paying my way through graduate school as a personal trainer and I go, wow, this like eating less and exercising more stuff it’s not working – they’re not going to pay me if I don’t – if I make them fatter, they’re not going to really like me. So, it was really clear that’s really about holding on to and building muscle and intensity is everything, so in exercise, that can mean 15 minutes in a day and then with food, it’s really about making simple shifts, it’s not like going – and even with my cookbook, I started out when I was a teenager and I was teaching calisthenics because back then that’s what it was, how old am I – and I was a caterer so I was cooking and teaching exercise – way back when – and it was really clear to me that back then it was all about like these complicated recipes because no one had the Internet or all this – they had time – but now, no one has any time and it’s really – who wants to spend a whole lot of time in the kitchen? I mean I have teenage boys, they don’t care if it took five minutes or an hour, they’re going to eat it, so it’s all about quick, simple, easy things that taste good and you can do that whether you’re at a fast food restaurant, you can still do it, it may not have the same quality –


JJ: Right? But you can still pull it off – to a great restaurant, to snack at the grocery store, to making your own food. This is simple stuff. It’s just learning how to do it and I think we get, we’re such creatures of habit, that all of a sudden you look at it and you go, okay, I’ve got to make all these changes, oh, my gosh, and one of the points that’s so important is don’t try to make a million changes at once. Like for the Virgin Diet what I have people do is drop seven foods – that’s all they do for the first three weeks. They take these seven foods out, they swap in other foods. That’s all they focus on. We don’t talk exercise, we don’t talk sleep, we don’t talk – nothing — zippo – that’s it. Because we also know that the biggest needle mover immediately for weight loss is going to be diet. Now wrong term if that’s all you did, you’d be a fluffy — a fluffy skinny person. You’d be tofuoutside and fat inside and you’d be battling yourself to keep yourself at that weight –


JJ: And you would not look good naked. If that’s important to you —


JJ: Should be, if it’s not – if it’s not, we have another discussion about another area of health, but this is all I think the take-away there is this is all far easier than people realize and sometimes we get bogged down in the why of all of it, and we think the how is insurmountable and it’s really not and it’s just a matter of changing habits and doing them one step at a time and they get reinforced very quickly because of how much better you start to feel. I mean the other example is I’ll take someone who’s say a walker or a runner doing an hour of cardio every day and I go okay, just for a week, because they get addicted to it, right?


JJ: Just like they addicted to gluten, dairy and sugar, they get addicted to aerobic exercise, because it’s a drug. Just like food is. I say let’s just take it this week and all we’re going to do is you’re going to warm up for a couple of minutes and then I want you to go all out. Sprint it and then walk it off, sprint it for 30 to 60 seconds, walk it off – it will take you 15 to 20 minutes to accomplish that – just do that this week – every other day instead of what you were doing – and see how you feel at the end of the week – because the results are tremendous. They have way more energy, they’ve probably lost a little bit of weight, tightened up some, so it’s a way and bigger metabolic shift and again, I mean the Calorie Myths and Virgin Diet, all of our stuff is all about really the chemical messages in your body and just like food creates that information, chemical messages, so does exercise —


JJ: And so does stress of course and sleep, so when you really look at this, it’s really pretty simple. You make those shifts in your diet, you fit your exercise in, you make sure you make time for sleep, you don’t steal from that no matter what, no matter how tempted you are –


JJ: To do that and then you put something in your day each day, that helps you have some bliss, which sounds ridiculous that we’d actually have to put that in.


JJ: But it could be as simple as walking your dog – I mean my dog is like the biggest source of – I just have the prettiest dog – I have the best dog – whatever it is – becauseespecially for us women here, I’m sure you guys do this too, but women especially tend to put ourselves last on the list –


JJ: And so that’s it, the simple equation, but one step at a time. I got on a rant I’m sorry.

JONATHAN: No, there’s actually three things in there I want to unpack and the one step at a time I think really deserves some focus because that’s something that recently I’ve been dealing with a little bit is individuals talking about – what about this and what about this and what about this and then before I answer any of those questions, I say are you getting at least seven hours of sleep per night consistently? Are you eating vegetables, and their questions and their focus isn’t on these – let’s call it base line things, which are the huge needle movers and there’s all these questions about something they saw on television or this thing they saw on the Internet and we only have so much space in our brains so how can we communicate the message that focusing on these big rocks and I’d love to hear what your big rocks are – and until we get that down, just don’t think about anything else.

JJ: Yeah, don’t think about — I’m just thinking I know what it is like that – what’s the pink or red, the raspberry ketones, so concerned about the raspberry ketones, I’m like wait you’re eating cake – okay –

JONATHAN: Those raspberry ketones don’t cancel out the cake.

JJ: It doesn’t – wouldn’t that be awesome – a cake cancel outer – so the big needle movers, is that what you want? I love needle movers. I think that honestly, good is good enough and if you focus on that 80 percent and make those shifts, the 20 percent fills in if it even matters –


JJ: We do get so concerned about this perfection, it’s like who cares? So, the first thing for me is of course, I have people follow the Virgin Diet, which Step One and I know we’re totally simpatico with what I call the Virgin Diet plate, which is eating a balance and clean lean protein, healthy fats, loads of non-starchy vegetables and a little bit of slow low carbs, so really nailing down what that looks like and getting that in place and then that’s the first phase – do that and get into the meal timing of eating within an hour of waking up, eating every four to six hours, one snack if you need it, getting out of that silly ridiculous let’s snack every two hours, jack up our blood sugar, raise our insulin and shut off fat burning. It’s like look at the science. So you’re not a snack guy are you?

JONATHAN: I’m an eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re full guy, so –

JJ: I was like going oh, my gosh – because I do have a friend who’s like that. You put ten nutritionists in a room, it can get ugly fast. It’s like we agree on water and vegetables and then from there it just goes boof – so it’s the Virgin Diet plate and eating by really the clock and listening to yourself and seeing if you’re really hungry because usually you’re just thirsty or it’s just a (Inaudible 00:12:01) response because I always have a snack at 2:00. Pulling out the seven foods and checking to see. My whole Virgin Diet is about food intolerance and that there’s an epidemic of leaky gut out there where your small intestines become more (Inaudible 00:12:20) the tight junctions have loosened, due to gluten, due to fructose, due to artificial sweeteners, due to stress, due to stress, due to stress, due to antibiotics, due to pain medications, loosens up, you eat the same things all the time. You’re not even chewing.

Did you know there was just a cool study I saw, unfortunately this is ridiculous, I’ve been trying to do it and I can’t do it – 40 chews.


JJ: They compared diets doing 40 chews and 15 chews. Most people don’t even do 15 chews and the 40 chew guys lost – they lost 12 percent more weight or something ridiculous just by chewing more because they finally were registering – it suppressed (Inaudible 00:12:59) so, it suppressed their appetite. Anyway, I digress. We normally don’t chew, so we’re not breaking down the components of our food and then it gets into our small intestine and then it gets out into our body, our body goes, what the heck is this, this should not be here, launches an immune attack, creates immune complexes, they build up, because we’re eating the same things all the time, we don’t have enough macro (Inaudible 00:13:21) to eat them up, and all of a sudden we have joint pain and headaches and gas and bloating and fatigue and skin problems and cravings because we tend to crave the very foods that hurt us, an inability to lose weight and we go to the doctor and the doctor is oh, you’re just getting older, that is normal.

JONATHAN: Just try harder, just eat less –

JJ: Yeah –

JONATHAN: What’s wrong with you?

JJ: Eat less. I had one doctor tell one of my clients that for you – this is going to piss you off, all right, so here we go –

JONATHAN: All right, I’m ready.

JJ: For you lady, he didn’t say lady, but he might as well of – for you – losing weight is going to be a like taking a wheelbarrow, filling it full of bricks and pushing it off the sand dune. Motivating – gee, I’ll try that.


JJ: Yeah, so – so the first thing really is to see what foods you’re intolerant to because I’ve yet to see someone not intolerant to something and this came out of a lot of testing in doctor’s offices, but I realize there was no single test to look at – immunological, hormonal and genetic issues to food intolerance and the best tests was your own chemistry lab, so you pull these foods out for three weeks to let your immune system cool down, your hormones come back and balance, (Inaudible 00:14:31) by the plate, you’re doing simple swaps, so for example, you pulled out dairy, you put in coconut milk, you pulled out pasta, you put in Quinoa pasta, so simple swaps so you don’t miss the foods, because if you just pull things out and don’t give people something easy to swap in its place, they’ll will put something worse in.


JJ: I see it every time. They’re like I’m gluten free and I’m having a cupcake. I’m like, ahhh— no, no, that’s not a health food. There’s so many things under that health food umbrella that makes me insano –

JONATHAN: Absolutely, JJ — just real quick — to unpack – we talk about the Virgin plate here. What are some of the concretes – so you’ve got your cookbook coming out, you’ve been doing a lot of awesome videos and such around how to actually do this and you are the perfect example of it’s doable, so can you take us through some of your top tips that folks can find in your upcoming work here about breakfast, lunches and dinners, cost saving, time saving –

JJ: Yes.

JONATHAN: Practical.

JJ: Thank you and by the way, the videos I have videosthevirgindiet cookbook.com/jonathan, for you.


JJ: I have put together four videos on this and five recipes and again for me I think what I focus on the most is there’s really cool information out there. I send it to everyone as you know to read your stuff and then the big thing is okay, now what should we do?


JJ: And the simple thing is I think there’s a misconception out there that it’s going to be hard or it’s going to cost a lot. When I hear the cost a lot it comes to a bigger emotional question though is in reality a lot of the expensive stuff in the grocery store are the processed foods.


JJ: That’s where they get us. So, when you learn to use like maybe a local CSA, to go to the Farmer’s Market, to buy on sale – I’ve got a second freezer stocked full with bison and grass fed beef and wild salmon – when you learn to do that you actually kind of trade – because you’re trading expensive processed food for grass fed beef –


JJ: But, let’s say that it even costs a little bit more. You kind of got to sit there and go well, what’s my health worth for me? What’s my family’s health worth for me? If it were to cost more in the long run and I know it’s hard to sell the long run. You know it costs less because you’ve got great health, but even if you just looked in the short run of more energy, more confidence, more focused, clear skin, looking younger, I mean hello – right?

JONATHAN: And we’ll spend even more money on pills, powders and potions and –

JJ: Yeah.

JONATHAN: And cosmetics and it’s just like heal it from the inside out it seems.

JJ: Right. It’s so interesting, so much of that stuff like I love supplements, but the name, we have to understand the name they’re supplements.


JJ: To me it makes no sense to supplement a crappy diet. I know there was that McDonalds study where they showed – I was like okay, there’s no sense to supplement a crappy diet when they did this thing where they supplemented people and improved their blood lipids when they were eating McDonalds. I’m like well, yeah, but why bother?


JJ: Why not just fix your diet first and yes, you should be supplementing, but fix your diet first and the other part of it’s hard. I could say it’s hard maybe ten years ago, but we’ve become so much more aware of gluten and dairy issues. The area where I think it’s challenging is the deception around sugar –


JJ: Which is my next book, which I’m like incensed about — I’m incensed. Things like they’ll put no sugar added, no (Inaudible 00:18:03) fruit juice concentrate so that’s the one where we really have to be careful with our label reading, but if you pick things that don’t have labels, or it’s very simple ingredients like quinoa – or lentils, or it’s Brussels sprouts and that’s it – if you pick those things then it’s really not an issue, it’s an issue when you unwrap something. You unwrap fruit and turn it in to juice or fruit juice concentrate or jam, you take agave and try to pass it off as a health food, when it’s higher in fructose and high fructose corn syrup and beelines to your liver and tells your body to make fat and still be hungry. So, that’s where it gets hard, is if you’re trying to continue a processed foot diet, but we give you simple – I have shopping lists all set up so you can just go and go here’s what I need so you don’t have to become a supermarket sugar sleuth or just asleuth in general because you (Inaudible 00:19:04) you can eat grass fed beef – I’m going to get Marys chicken, I’m going to get pastured pork, I’m going to get wild salmon from Vital Choice, I know these are the dirty dozen, I have to buy organic in the vegetables section that these clean 15 I don’t have to spend the money there, you can get that from ewg.org, so it’s just simple stuff that you just print out so you don’t have to now spend four hours in the grocery store going oh, my gosh – ahhhh – right?

JONATHAN: JJ, so, what have you seen like for you personally, because you travel a lot –

JJ: Uh-huh.

JONATHAN: So take us through JJ at home and take us through JJ on the road, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

JJ: Okay, home and breakfast – home breakfast and on the road breakfast is the always the same because I travel with a Nutribullet, I travel with small boxes of coconut milk and I travel with my Virgin Diet shake that I’ve added extra fiber and chia to and right now because I’m recovering my total knee replacement I also threw in some collagen from our bulletproof buddy –Dave — how much do we love him? So, I travel with that. That’s what I always have and I also created Virgin Diet bars, I’m sorry, I sound like a commercial, but I needed this stuff –


JJ: And I couldn’t find a bar out there that didn’t have GMOs. I actually talked to multiple bar manufacturers and every single one said we couldn’t guarantee no GMOs. Well, you’re not going to be able to be a 100 GMO free I don’t think, if you ever eat out, because the oils most of them are GMO, but I’m not going to do something I eat on a regular basis knowingly –


JJ: Just GMOs, which is another subject. So, I always carry those with me – at home, it really depends on how lazy I am. I have two things in my freezer – I have Artisan bistro meals they made that are JJ Virgin Diet approved and then I also use peach Paleo meals, so I have those shoved in my freezer if I’m lazy. I have two houses and one’s just my studio and office and if I get on a roll, I just won’t leave, so that’s why I then will have my peach Paleo or my Artisan Bistro. If I end up needing a snack then I have the bar stuff there too, so that generally, what I eat at home is a typical lunch is a salad, mixed with Romaine and arugula –


JJ: I always have left over protein so if we made grass fed beef –


JJ: Or wild salmon or chicken, we always have a stock mix, so I’ve two humongous teenage boys – 6’1,” and 6’3.”


JJ: And then I live in own reality show – my ex-husband lives with us and it’s all one big happy family and he’s a tennis guy, so I we go through a lot of food and a lot of laundry soap. I always cook extra protein, I always have loads of vegetables around and then I always make a big salad. That’s basically always my lunch is some big salad and if I’m out, my typical is to do a big Mexican style salad –


JJ: And do salad fajita vegetables, black beans, chicken, guacamole, salsa. That’s like my thing.


JJ: Because if you look at the Virgin Diet plate, I got my Romaine, my peppers and onions are the veggie side of it, the non-starchy vegetables and then the salsa, and beans are my slow low carbs and then the chicken obviously is my clean lean protein and the guacamole is my healthy fat.


JJ: Easy. And dinner is usually sometimes again if I’m lazy and I will also sometimes do a second shake. And the way I make my shakes at home is I throw in avocado, half an avocado in too which I’m totally into. I’ve actually cut all fruit out, except avocado’s a fruit, but the fruity fruits, because I’m a fructose, I’m on a war against fructose –

JONATHAN: All right –

JJ: I test everything on myself – I’m sort of like bulletproof Dave in that way too. Both of us are off fruit. So, I’ve been doing my shakes with coconut milk, chia seeds, extra fiber, Virgin Diet shake mix, and avocado, which I love and if I have any in the house, which I don’t normally because it’s my crap. I’ll throw in some almond butter, but when of the things I tell people is, you obviously want to take the bad foods out of your house. That’s just mean. It’s mean and irresponsible to put like your favorite ice cream or whatever in the freezer and think you’re not going to have your evil twin come out a 10:00 and take it in bed with you. It’s going to happen. Don’t even go there – so I don’t have any crap in the house, nothing tempting – but too much healthy foods are also unhealthy –


JJ: And if you can down a jar of almond butter in a sitting, then probably that shouldn’t go in the house either, so, every once in awhile I might have it in for a shoot or something and then I get to have it, but it is – I swear it’s my crap, I sit there with a spoon trying to clean the jar like sides of the jar and the only way to clean the sides of the jar, you just dig deeper and deeper – pretty soon you’ve eaten the whole thing. Anyway, but dinner for me usually is I like to make some protein for the kids –


JJ: So, whatever we decide to do that night and then some vegetables or a salad or both, and then depending, it depends if we do some solo carbs and I’m currently going for a big Kabocha squash phase – have you tried Kabocha squash?

JONATHAN: I haven’t.

JJ: Oh, my gosh it is so – I lived in Japan, I was one of the people that brought aerobics to Japan way back when before I knew better – I’m so sorry it took (Inaudible 00:24:46)

JONATHAN: Oops – no I’m just kidding –

JJ: Yeah – who knew? (Inaudible 00:24:51) so maybe –

JONATHAN: There you go.

JJ: I crossed it off or – anyway when I lived in Japan I learned about Kabocha squash, but I’ve been doing more winter squashes because they’re so in low in sugar and they’re just nutrient dense and I’ve been really looking at what’s low in sugar, what’s really low in fructose or no fructose, what’s high in fiber and nutrient dense in my solo carbs, that’s how I pick my favs on that. So, and those are typical things and again, I’m all about making extras –


JJ: Because that’s lunch the next day and I think that really helps us save time and money, but if you look at it, it’s like lentil, Quinoa, Kabocha squash, broccoli, Romaine, these are not expensive foods.


JJ: Right?


JJ: I mean that’s like so where I spend it is on the grass fed beef and the wild salmon and things like that. That’s where I’ll put the money in.

JONATHAN: I love it JJ. Well, I know you are on a sugar crusade and you’re always on a practicality kick, so please tell us now what we can go out on the web, check out, go into bookstores, check out and learn practical steps, because again, you are so – money – you are top of your game at making this practical and doable. So, tell us where we can go to get that info.

JJ: Oh, thank you. I’m going to digress and give a little shout out to a great grocery store guy, I don’t know if you’ve seen this. You’ve seen the Calton’s Rich Food, Poor Food, right?

JONATHAN: Yes, yeah.

JJ: This is such an awesome book that I feel like it’s this best kept secret and I told them I just have to tell everybody about it – so, one of the things I think everybody should have in their success library — I mean obviously they should have, The Calorie Myth, dah – and The Virgin Diet – but you also should have that because that’s, that really helps you in the grocery store,just, plus it’s hilarious, I mean – Mira is so snarky, and how did you get away with those rude comments about all those companies – anyway, but for me like I wrote the Virgin Diet and the biggest thing that happened when I wrote the Virgin Diet was two things happened – people wanted – three things actually – people wanted recipes which blew my mind that they wanted more recipes, which is why we did the Virgin Diet cookbook and again Virgin Diet cookbook is out this week, February 18th, and I also did to celebrate it, I created four free videos and then a bunch of recipes, five recipes which they can get at the virgindietcookbook.com/jonathan and so that’s a huge resource and then the other one that I get asked is I get asked about sugar, so you’re going to have to wait until right after Halloween just when you’re in a sugar coma for that one – but, I get asked about exercise a lot and I just – it’s like I’ve got to focus (Inaudible 00:27:35) I think now that I’ve had this total knee replacement, now I really want to go do more exercise videos, just because so many people will say, oh, I can’t exercise because I don’t have time, intense burst training takes that away or I’m too old – I’m too out of shape – I’ve got this injury – it’s like well, all those reasons you have to do it –


JJ: And so I also have – I think it’s JJ’s fit club, you go to JJ’s fit club, we give away free 4×4 workouts. What I’m really about is I want to take any excuse you can possibly dreaming up right now — I don’t have time — It’s too expensive — I can’t get the information. I can’t buy the book, it’s like, well, the books are at the library and the information is free on my website, and the food’s not going to cost you any more –


JJ: And it’s really much more about this. I think the reason people get into that kind of negative self-talk is because they’ve tried so many things for so long, they’ve fallen into the calorie trap –


JJ: Which is what we should call the – it’s the opposite of the Calorie – the truth about calories, they fall into calorie trap of trying to eat less and exercise more and they failed.


JJ: And then they tried harder –


JJ: And they failed more. They fail bigger and so at some point not only have you damaged your metabolism so much, now you can’t pull out of that as we know because you keep losing muscle, gaining fat, losing muscle gaining fat, but you more than that damaged your pyschi –


JJ: Because you now think – you know what, I guess this is just the way I am supposed to be and then again you go to your doctor and he says, well you’re just getting older, your hormones are shifting and this la-la-la-la, through genetics. The truth is, it’s like no, it’s not. What if – what if — how crappy you feel, your moodiness, you’re bloated, inability to lose weight, the cravings, the skin problems, feeling older, looking older than you really are, what if all of that was, you could change it, in a week, by changing what happened at the end of your fork and I’ve done it now for over a million people, I know you’ve done it too and I see it all the time and what I would want people listening to this, the biggest thing I can give them one thing — it would be hope –


JJ: To inspire them to just give it a shot. To try one more time. Just to do this and to take that time for themselves because what I see when they get on the other side is so hard when you’re sitting over here going, I’ve tried everything, and it just sounds like another thing – is just to do this. Just to let that go and go what would I do if I knew this was going to work?


JJ: What would I do? Well of course you would do it – and then where would that take me, like if you all sudden had great energy, your joints did not hurt anymore, I mean I’ve put off a total knee replacement for 20 years. When I walked in they go we don’t even understand how you’re walking and I wasn’t just walking –


JJ: I was working out, I was doing – I have fitness videos and everything else and they’re like — we don’t understand and I go well, really the pain didn’t hurt me, I just saw an x-ray and saw how much it was throwing off my biomechanics and finally I better just do this now – it wasn’t a pain issue because of everything I was doing. I was on a massive anti-inflammatory diet and I was at the right weight and very strong, so what would happen if you lived your life like that? You could focus. You had great energy. Your mood was steady. You didn’t hurt, your skin (Inaudible 00:30:57) you looked younger, where would that allow you to go –


JJ: How would that impact your family and everyone around you – we talk so much about wanting to do the best for our family. Well, the best thing you can do for your family is be the best role model.


JJ: So, it starts with taking care of yourself, so that’s really my biggest message is that and to let people know it’s so much simpler and easier than they think it is.(tape mute at 31:27)

JJ: Well, thank you.

JONATHAN: That is brilliant. I could not think of a better way to close the show than that. That was absolutely fabulous and folks the thing that I think is most compelling about all of this is the fact that JJ lives this message. Prior to getting on this call, JJ just finished up a workout, she just had knee surgery, she’s on the road and you can see her, you’re seeing her right now. She is living her message, she’s doing it, she’s showing it’s possible and it’s practical and JJ I so appreciate you –

JJ: I know I can show you my knee scar –

JONATHAN: That’s okay, that’s okay. So, JJ just before we go, can you remind everyone of where they can check out those awesome resources, your new book, all that goodness.

JJ: Awesome, thank you. So, it’s the virgindietcookbook.com/jonathan, that’s four training videos, again, I’m giving you everything you need to get started and five of my favorite recipes from the Virgin Diet cookbook which is out this week.

JONATHAN: I love it, JJ well, we all wish you the best with your recovery, which you are clearly already dominating and I cannot wait – I cannot wait – you’ve got to promise to come back for that sugar book, because you know, you and I –

JJ: Awesome.

JONATHAN: Lock hands on our crusade against sugar, so that’s awesome.

JJ: Awesome, honey, I can’t wait. We’re going all out on that, or all in, rather.

JONATHAN: Love it, well JJ, thank you so much, best of luck here with the amazing launch and thank you for being the change you want to see in the world.

JJ: Thank you.

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