Remember Your Ancestors and Buy in Bulk to Avoid Bulk


This part two of a multi-part series started here.

Unless hunters and gatherers hunted or gathered it, we are not designed to digest it and it will create a clog. If anything other than cooking or blending is required between the plant or animal and your stomach, then it does not belong in your stomach to begin with.

Here is a quick quiz to illustrate this rule. Circle how we get the foods listed. The answers are in the next footnote.

The “Is It Actually Natural” Quiz

Food How Humans Get It
Fruit Process/Manufacture Gather Hunt
Bread Process/Manufacture Gather Hunt
Rice Process/Manufacture Gather Hunt
Vegetables Process/Manufacture Gather Hunt
Seafood Process/Manufacture Gather Hunt
Meat Process/Manufacture Gather Hunt
Nuts Process/Manufacture Gather Hunt
Flax Seeds Process/Manufacture Gather Hunt
Pasta Process/Manufacture Gather Hunt
Sweets Process/Manufacture Gather Hunt
Cereal Process/Manufacture Gather Hunt
Eggs Process/Manufacture Gather Hunt


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The exceptions to this rule are whey protein powder, fat-free or low-fat cottage cheese, fat-free or low-fat plain Greek yogurt, and starchy vegetables. Whey and select dairy are SANE, so enjoy them even though they were not available to our hunter-gatherer ancestors. On the other hand, even though starchy “vegetables” such as potatoes and corn were available to our ancestors, these foods should be avoided.[2]

One more note about “processing.” The only kinds of “processing” which do not cause clogs are freezing, cooking, canning (for meat and seafood only), and grinding/blending. There is nothing wrong with frozen vegetables, frozen fruit, canned tuna, salmon, or chicken, and ground meats. Pre-cooked and canned seafood and meat are also fine, but precooked or canned vegetables and fruits should be avoided unless they are your only option.

When in doubt, look at the ingredient list. If it is more than three items long—excluding spices—or contains anything that could not be hunted or gathered, then it is inSANE. For instance, Costco sells these wonderful frozen salmon and turkey burgers. The ingredients are basically salmon or turkey along with some seasoning. That is good food. I grill a bunch every few days and take them to work since they are excellent “desk food.” Costco also sells fish sticks and chicken nuggets with ingredient lists about a long as this paragraph and chocked full of unnatural substances. Those are not good.


Buy Groceries in Bulk to Save Money


A great way to affordably eat a lot of high-quality food is to buy it at bulk wholesalers like Costco or Sam’s Club whenever possible. By buying in bulk, you will be able to eat more higher-quality food while spending about $10 per day on food. That is a great deal.

Here is the actual grocery list my wife and I take to Costco every other week. That is the other nice thing about buying in bulk. It dramatically reduces the amount of time you have to spend grocery shopping.

Non-Starchy Vegetables2 bulk packages of mushrooms3 bulk packages of red peppers

1 bulk package of all natural tomato sauce

4 bulk packages of romaine lettuce

4 bulk packages of spinach

4 bulk packages of kale

2 bulk packages of frozen mixed vegetables

2 bulk packages of frozen green beans

1 bulk package of celery

2 bulk packages of sugar snap peas


3 bulk packages of salmon

1 bulk package of canned tuna

1 bulk package of salmon burgers


1 rotisserie chicken

1 bulk package of eggs

1 bulk package of ham steaks

1 bulk package of turkey burgers

1 bulk package of ground turkey

Fruit1 bulk package of frozen blueberries1 bulk package of frozen strawberries


1 bulk package of mixed nuts

1 bulk tub of natural peanut butter

1 pound of milled flax seeds (ordered online)

1 pound of chia seeds (ordered online)

1 pound natural cocoa (ordered online)

1 pound shredded coconut (ordered online)



1 bulk package of 2% fat cottage cheese

1 bulk package of unsweetened cocoa powder

4 bulk packages of fat-free or low-fat plain Greek yogurt


This is a lot of food. Fortunately, it only costs about $10 per person, per day, and we do not need to buy all of it every time we go to the store.


[1] Fruit – Gather. Bread – Process/Manufacture. Rice – Process/Manufacture. Vegetables – Gather. Seafood – Hunt. Meat – Hunt. Nuts – Gather. Flax Seeds – Gather. Pasta – Process/Manufacture. Sweets – Process/Manufacture. Cereal – Process/Manufacture. Eggs – Gather.

[2] One or two servings of sweet potatoes per week is fine.


Learn the exact foods you must eat if you want to finally lose weight permanently. Click here to download your free Weight Loss Food List, the “Eat More, Lose More” Weight Loss Plan, and the “Slim in 6” Cheat Sheet…CLICK HERE FOR FREE “HOW TO” WEIGHT LOSS GUIDES
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