Jonathan Bailor & Nell Stephenson: Meat in the Mail (2 of 3)

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Nell Stephenson

Jonathan Bailor: Alright, well we got stage one, I just wanted to show our viewers what it means to order meat in the mail, because I am going to get an envelope full of meat. But, the way this actually works is got a box here with another box in it and [indiscernible – 0:21], if you could help me here, Nell. Ok, well let’s try that again!

Nell Stephenson: [indiscernible – 0:33]

Jonathan Bailor: Alright, here we go, we will use our muscles together, one, two, three, oh your muscles are better than mine! Ok, so we have a box in a box, that is a little bit like one of those dolls, ok, box in a box. So now, the way this generally works is so we got this insulated box here, which is great, so we are in Seattle here, this actually came from Missouri, we have got our insulated box here.

Nell Stephenson: It looks like, glad you were here to receive it, because it probably would not have been a good idea to leave it outside too long.

Jonathan Bailor: Yes, yes, but so, you can see we have our little individual packets here which are actually still frozen, which is cool, so that kind of makes me happy here. We have got our livers and we have got some ground, actually this one is completely frozen solid, which is cool.

Nell Stephenson: And I think it is really good to point out too that eating organ meats is actually something that is really good for us. A lot of people kind of crinkle their nose because they may have had it in the past, their mom tried to feed it to them or they had it prepared in a really poor fashion that just was not appealing, but organ meats are so good for us. If you think about it, there is no reason not to eat organ meats. If we recognize that we are humans, we need protein as a part of our diet to function. So, why is it the norm to eat a chicken breast or a leg but not the guts? So, I am a fan of nose to tail dining with animals and also actually apply the same thing to vegetables, you know, little examples would be vegetables and fruit, take strawberries, when we get some fresh strawberries, we always cut the whole top off and throw the green in the composter, we throw it away, even worse, why not just eat the whole thing? The same thing with kale, I take the stems out and I save them, if I am doing a raw kale salad I’ll use just the leaves, but I will save the stems and then I will either sauté them or put them in a stew.

Jonathan Bailor: You know my lazy person’s way of eating nose to tail is? This is my favorite thing ever, aside from getting meat in the mail, Nell and I do not work for any of the companies we are talking about today, buy Vitamix, because obviously you are not going to leave a banana in the peel, but anything like the whole broccoli, things that you would not necessarily want to stick a fork in and chew, toss it in your Vitamix, blend it up, you are good to go.

Nell Stephenson: Totally agree with that. And the nice thing with that is, so many of us are on the go and we do not have time to eat, so we have to figure out — you cannot exactly eat a salad while you are driving, but at the time, you do not want to resort to eating sweet smoothies all the time, so you do not have to make a sweet smoothie all the time, you can actually throw in things that are savory and make, what in effect be kind of like a soup puree. Now, I was actually talking with a client the other day, I had gum surgery last year and I had to not eat anything solid a week, and I am not somebody who wants sweet all the time, so the idea of eating fruit smoothies all day just sounded revolting. So then I thought, well, why don’t I just take some things that I would eat as a meal and puree them, so I steamed some broccoli, I poached some chicken, I made a broth, I put let it cool, I put it in the blender with some olive oil and some garlic, it was just a soup puree. So, same thing you can do in the Vitamix and it is actually a lot better than the juicing, the problem with juicing, and people do it with good intention, but, if you only juice, you are not getting any fiber from the fruits and vegetables. And another thing, people tend to go more with the fruits because they taste sweet. Again, you do it with a better intention than going and having a giant mocha-frappuccino.

Jonathan Bailor: And let us always keep in mind that cardinal rule of whole foods, when you juice, it is not the whole food, whereas as you said, maybe you cannot eat a salad while you are driving, but you can take the components of a salad, liquefy it and this is how I get my vegetables when I am on the go. You can even do — we will show the meat here in a moment, but what we do, before you mentioned the organ meats, might take a little bit of time and effort to make taste good on their own, but, if you take for example, we take our ground, we take our liver, take a bunch of seasonings, some onion, some garlic, throw it in the Vitamix, turn it into a meatloaf, cook it, man that is good eatin’.

Nell Stephenson: Exactly, totally agree with that. And that is another thing that is, for people that are maybe coming from a background that have been cooking for a while, that are not that new to the kitchen, you might be cleaning out your kitchen and saying, I am not going need this kitchen stand mixer anymore, and I actually have one because we got one for our wedding and I was thinking, “What am I going to do with this? I do not bake anymore.” But I bought the attachments, so I can grind my own meat and I can make my own sausages, and it is a lot of fun, and the same thing with what you are saying, if you grind, maybe you are familiar with a rib-eye, the idea of liver is kind of meh, make it mostly rib-eye and then add some liver so are you are still getting the benefit.

Jonathan Bailor: Love it!

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