Jonathan Bailor & Nell Stephenson: How to Relax Your Way to Fitness

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How to Relax Your Way to Fitness

Jonathan Bailor: Hey everyone, back again with Nell Stephenson the Paleoista. How are you doing Nell?

Nell Stephenson: Good, how are you doing?

Jonathan Bailor: Good, good, well we have covered food, we have covered exercise; let us talk about the other side of the equation which is just mental health, recharging yourself, just enjoying life.

Nell Stephenson: Yeah, totally, and that is actually why I am wearing a yoga outfit right now, because I think it is important that everybody has, not necessarily that they have to do yoga, but that you integrate some type of downtime because so many people are so high-strung and working out all the time and busy with kids, so it is actually — that is all good, but you have to have some time to recharge too, and yoga is one example of one way that you can do that. And it doesn’t have to a hardcore ninety-minute power-yoga class, it can be, but if you have a really hectic schedule and a hectic workout schedule, maybe you would be a better off doing a restorative or a meditative yoga, just something to keep that mellow thing happening at some point during your crazy week.

Jonathan Bailor: And that has been so transformative for me Nell, as I have always been a huge fan — I played football so I was always into strength training, burst training, I have never been an endurance person, ever, ever, ever, except with work. I can endure long stretches of work, so I have done strength training, at this point, for decades, and when I introduced yoga, and then more restorative Tai Chi meditation, just stretching activities nearly a decade ago, I have to tell you, back pain, knee pain, energy levels, like combining the really intense with the restorative, I really feel it is synergistic, and I hate to use that word, but being able to deadlift 450 pounds and being able to bend over and touch the ground without being warm is pretty cool.

Nell Stephenson: I can agree with the latter, I have never actually deadlifted 450, so I can imagine what that must be like.

Jonathan Bailor: But so often, it is either or, but I feel like with a lot of things we have talked about with food, with a lot of things we talked about with exercise, and now even with the emotional part, it is “both, and”.

Nell Stephenson: Exactly, I totally agree with that. Again, this word, you have heard me say it a million times already, is balance, just letting your body rest and recharge is a huge, huge, huge part of the equation, you cannot just burn the candle at both ends all the time because it will all come and bite you in the butt eventually.

Jonathan Bailor: And ensuring that we are in a good place emotionally as well as physically is especially important because another unifying thing I have seen across all of our conversations is, you have to look inwards to see if something is right for you.

Nell Stephenson: Totally, and no doctor can tell you. If something is wrong, of course, you need to seek testing or whatever the case might be, but ultimately, you are the only one who knows how you feel. So say you have chronic headaches, and you go to the doctor, if your doctor does not ask what you have been eating, A: you might want to have another doctor, but first, you need to look into what you are doing to create these headaches. Are you super stressed out all the time, are you eating a high-sugar, high-caffeine diet, a high-refined sugar diet, are you eating enough vegetables? All these things should be what you are looking at as step number one, and then in some cases where somebody has an actual problem where they need some kind of a prescription medication, that might be the case for some people in certain situations, but my feeling is that should not be step one, because that is just putting a band-aid over a problem, you are treating a symptom and you are not figuring out why, and I would prefer to know why something is happening first rather than just, I don’t care why and I am just going to put band-aids over it.

Jonathan Bailor: And that focus on being in tune with your body and feeling better because so much of what we are told to do to make us healthy makes so many of us miserable, and health, I always tell people that you know you are on the right track when you are enjoying the process, because if you look at what you are cooking in the kitchen, that stuff is delicious!

Nell Stephenson: And it is so much fun! Cooking is my creative outlet, my art project if you will.

Jonathan Bailor: And there is so much diversity in food, there is diversity in exercise. For me, like you said earlier, I do not like exercise; I found a modality of exercise that enables me to exercise just one day a week. I am active, I walk around, but science has taken us so far in the past forty years, so many of us have been educated based on what was the best science forty, fifty years ago, but just like everything, you do not use the same phones, airplanes —

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