Eating On The Go Myth

Think a life on the go is a waistline expanding and health draining life sentence? Watch this and discover how to burn fat and boost health at your favorite fast food spots.

The Top 4 Tips to Slim Down Simply on the Go

We all know how hard it is to eat healthy while on the go. We also know that the grab-and-go, fast food, eat-in-the-car, no-utensils-needed, just-unwrap-and-it’s-ready eats can’t be good for us, but life is so hectic. So grab-and-go and then cleanse-and-“cardio” your way back to health, right? Wrong! This is a myth. The next time you hear yourself rationalizing unhealthy choices as you creep toward the cashier, stop. You have healthy choices. You don’t have to sacrifice delicious, nutritious eating even though you’re rushed and can’t spare the time to prepare and enjoy the nutritious well-prepared foods you wish you had time for.

Fast-Food Doesn’t Have to Make You Fat

I always recommend home cooked whole foods as much as possible to avoid junk ingredients we don’t find at home. But this doesn’t mean you need to accept an overweight and diabetic fast food fate. The key is to avoid the most harmful ingredients that go into some fast food fare. You can’t jog off or supplement away many modern food additives found in restaurant food, but you can avoid them and choose healthy alternatives. Here’s how you can stay healthy and satisfied at fast food restaurants.

Fat Burning Burgers

Burger joints are one of the most popular of these restaurants. Traditional burgers and fries have a special place in our hearts and arteries and waistlines, and according to recent research our brains, guts, and hormones. The good news is grilled, juicy burgers can be eaten smarter. Simply hold the bun and fries and double up on the savory protein and veggies.

Not a burger person? No problem. Chicken options abound. Just make sure it’s actually chicken vs. mystery meat injected with chicken flavoring. I don’t know about you, but if chicken needs help tasting like a chicken, I think I’ll pass. Hold the Frankenchicken!

Stir-fry Your Way to Sexy Abs

What about Asian-inspired options? They can work but look out for sugary and MSG laden sauces. This sugar and MSG sludge found in orange or sesame chicken literally clogs up your hormones and breaks down your digestive system. Teriyaki, sweet-and-sour and plum sauces are all very high in sugar. You can do better, simply. Double the veggies in place of rice (fried, sticky, brown, etc.) and select a chicken or beef option that doesn’t have a lot of sticky added sauces.

Burritos and Tight Buns

Mexican is my personal favorite go-to for a quick food fix. While it has plenty of harmful options such as tortillas, chips and rice, there are smart options like burrito bowls and taco salads with grilled, non-starchy veggies and savory guacamole. These are delicious, nutritious, and super satisfying.

Mom and Pop Shop Your Way to Slim

A good rule of thumb is to stick to mom-and-pop, small business type eateries if possible. They don’t face the same type of cut throat profit maximizing and biology breaking pressures mainstream fast-food companies face. Small shops or chains can be known for caring about quality of ingredients.

Grocery Stores to the Rescue

Best of all, many grocery stores are starting to offer the closest thing to home cooked you can find on the road. The prepared options at grocers who care about quality can be a fat burning and health boosting oasis away from home. Just remember to fill your “to go” box with lots of non-starchy vegetables, plenty of nutrient dense proteins, enough whole food fats to fill you up, and low fructose fruit if you crave something sweet.

Staying Mobile and Staying Slim

In general, staying slim when you are always eating out is tougher than when you can cook it yourself, but no worries! You can stay healthy, slim, and satisfied at restaurants, even of the fast-food variety, if you pay attention to what you eat and how it is prepared. Please don’t let perfection scare you away from progress. Focus on making small, sustainable steps, wherever you are.