Can You Really Lower Your Setpoint Weight With Exercise?

One of the best way to to jump start your fat loss is to lower your setpoint weight with exercise. When you think of your body as having a setpoint weight, many people tend to think, “oh no, I’m stuck being this heavy forever.” Don’t be discouraged, and definitely don’t give up! You’re not stuck at your current weight.

If you’re having trouble losing those last few pounds, it’s because your body has a hormonal clog that desperately needs unclogging. Changing the way you do certain things, like diet and exercise, is the first step. You already know eating healthy food is one major way to taking the first step, but what about exercise?

Does Your Setpoint Weight Have You Feeling Stuck? Exercise May be the Answer

What’s preventing you from losing those 10, 20, or even more extra pounds that have you feeling stuck? Exercising, in any form, is always good, but to change your setpoint weight with exercise you need to be smarter than you have in the past. So, how do you do this?

Being smarter doesn’t mean you have to spend an hour or longer at the gym every day. I mean, who has time for that? Not me, and I bet you don’t either. Life is busy enough without spending seven hours or more at a gym, each week. So, save your money—and especially your time—you don’t need an expensive gym membership in order to exercise smarter and lower your setpoint weight.

Most people tend to follow a specific routine when they exercise, and that’s okay but it isn’t always enough. When attempting to lower your body’s setpoint weight, you need to move your body in different ways. Work a variety of muscles. Your body will adapt and thrive with those new movements.

Think of it this way; a woman who buys a new pair of shoes, or a man wearing a new sports jersey is going to feel terrific. It’s the same way our bodies feel using different muscles. Wearing the same clothes every day doesn’t make you feel good, you feel the exact same way you did the last time you wore that blouse or jersey. So, it only makes sense that your body will feel the same way it did the last time you followed that old routine.

Don’t Get Stuck In A Rut With Your Exercise If You Want To Lower Your Setpoint Weight

Habits are easy to develop but hard to break. So, does the proper type of SANE exercise lower your setpoint weight? The answer is YES! However, when you continue to do the same time-wasting exercise routine, your body knows what to expect, and becomes stuck in that rut. That’s why we say, ‘don’t exercise harder, exercise smarter.’ You’re not stuck at your current weight, you just need to change how you are moving your body to effectively lower your setpoint weight.

For most people, eating less doesn’t shed the pounds. Your body’s setpoint weight is the culprit and only you can change it. Stop the perpetual yoyo dieting. Eat healthy and exercise smarter. But, how can you do that?

Is Exercise Going To Lower My Setpoint Weight?

Yes, but only the right exercises. Specifically, eccentric exercise that focuses on your type 2b muscle fibers. It’s actually pretty simple. We talk in-depth about SANE eccentric style exercises that take just minutes a week in our Ignite program. Click here to learn more.