Instant Tech Fixes

How To Restore Your Tech SANEity Simply

If technology is giving you a hard time when using your SANE tools, you can leverage these tips to resolve over 90% of issues instantly! TIP: Please make sure you restart your browser/app, update your web browser, phone, and tablet/computer, and reset your password before trying any other quick fixes here. Info on how to do this is provided below.

Not Getting Your SANE Emails? Please check your junk/spam/promotions folders/tabs and then add and to your email white-list. Here’s how to do this

TIP: When you log in to your Ignite Premium Web Program and Mobile App, please make sure the account you log in with uses the email address where you get your SANE emails.

STEP 1: Restart Your App/Browser

Here’s how to force apps to close on Android and Apple devices. You can close your browser by clicking the red “x” in the upper right corner.

STEP 2: Update Your Device

You can update your web browser by clicking here. You can update your Android device here, Apple device here, and Windows device here.

STEP 3: Reset Your Password

You can reset your password by clicking here.

If That Doesn’t Do The Trick…

  • “I’m trying to watch the Masterclass but it’s not working.” Click To Fix
  • “I need to change or cancel my SANESuperfood Subscription.” Click To Fix
  • “I’m confused?”  |  “I don’t know what to do next.”  |  “How do I get started?”  Click To Fix
  • “I can’t log in.” Click To Fix
  • “I’ve tried all of these fixes but am still stuck. How can I contact support?” Click To Fix
  • “I’m an Ignite Premium Member, but am not seeing all the Premium tools.” Click To Fix
  • “After logging in I don’t see my SANE photos etc.”  Click To Fix
  • “My app is stuck. It isn’t responding to anything I do.” Click To Fix

End Confusion Instantly

So sorry for the confusion! The good news is that the day you started your Ignite Premium SANE Plan, you received an email with “Welcome” in the subject line that shows you exactly how to get the most out of your Ignite Premium SANE Plan. Please be sure to check your junk/spam folder.

Your Ignite Premium SANE Plan consists of a lot of goodies 🙂 but let’s simplify it down to three major parts:

  1. Your SANE Web Program: This is where Ignite Premium Members find their premium web tools such as their Profile, Tracking Data, SANE Instant Answers Concierge Service, SANE Library/Recipes, quick-start guides, how-to videos, grocery lists, meal plans, ebooks, and much more.   Learn More
  2. Your Mobile App: This is the premium tool that Ignite Premium Members use to free themselves from counterproductive calorie counting, and to instead enjoy simple SANE scoring. Learn More
  3. Your 24/7 Expert Coaching: This is the fun and friendly support group where Ignite Premium Members enjoy support from SANE experts and fellow Ignite Premium Members…any time…any where…on any device. Learn More

Masterclass Access

“I’m trying to watch the Masterclass but it’s not working.”

Please ensure that you have a wired internet connection and be sure to use a fully updated Google Chrome browser on a PC or Mac laptop or desktop (aka please do not use your phone or tablet).

SANE Superfood Subscriptions

“I need to change or cancel my SANESuperfood Subscription.”

You can view, change, or cancel your SANE Superfood subscriptions by clicking here to login to your SANEStore account.

Instant Fixes

TIP: The quick tech fixes below are listed in order of how many problems they can fix. Put differently, these go from general to specific, so your best bet is to try them in the order listed.


If you are not seeing what you expect after logging in, you may have accidentally logged in with an email address different from the email address you used when you signed-up for your Ignite Premium Plan. For example, if you signed-up for your Ignite Premium Plan with and then try to log in using your Facebook account (which is associated with, then inSANEity may ensue. To resolve this, make sure to sign in using the email address (or social account associated with the email address) you used when you joined your Ignite Premium Plan. TIP: This is the email address where you get all your your Ignite Premium Plan emails.


This is super easy and fixes a startling number of log-in issues! Here’s how to do it in Safari. If you are using another browser, you can simply open another browser window that is NOT in private mode…and then log-in.


If you just upgraded to an Ignite Premium Plan and are not seeing your premium features in your Web Program, you can fix this instantly by refreshing your browser. Similarly, if you are not seeing your premium features in your Mobile App, you can fix this instantly by closing and reopening your Mobile App.


Your web browser automatically stores data to improve the speed of your web browsing experience. While this can be handy, sometimes it causes more harm than good as it forces you to see out-of-date stuff. To ensure you are seeing the latest and greatest online, you can “clear your browser cache” by following these steps.


In a world of countless passwords, these can become a bear! The good news is that resetting your SANE password addresses the vast majority of login issues instantly! Here how to do it:

  • Click Log In in the upper right of this screen
  • Click the forgot password white button (near the bottom of the form)
  • Reset your PW (by following the on-screen instructions)
  • Login using your new PW


Cellular connections—aka what your phone or tablet uses if it can’t connect to the web via WiFi—are notoriously troublesome, for example, dropped calls, bad cell phone reception, and other fun times. All your SANE tools try their best to work over a cellular connection, but if the cellular connection isn’t great, your SANE experience won’t be great either. For the best experience possible, enjoy your SANE tools on your phone or tablet when you are enjoying a strong WiFi connection.


You may be surprised how often your internet or cellular connection goes down for a very brief period of time. Most of these are undetectable, but if they happen right as you try to do something online or on your phone, strange behavior can ensue. Therefore, before trying anything else, it’s a great idea to wait a minute or two and then simply try again. While this doesn’t fix everything, you’ll be surprised how often it fixes a lot of things.


If, for whatever reason, your SANE app seems to stop paying attention to you—aka doesn’t respond to you pressing buttons etc.—or isn’t showing you what to do next, you can force it to calm down and pay attention again by doing this if you have an Android device, or doing this if you have an Apple device.


Sometimes Android and Apple devices store data they shouldn’t. This can cause apps to act unexpectedly. To fix this, simply uninstall and re-install your SANE app (Android: how to uninstall an app  |  Apple: how to uninstall an app  |  to re-install simply search for SANE Solution in your app store). TIP: All of your SANE data is stored safely and securely in “the cloud” so you don’t have to worry about losing your SANE data when you uninstall you app. All your SANE data is automatically available to you on any device as long as you are a SANE member.


Are You a Member of the SANE Ignite Family? If so (welcome home!) and please be sure to send your question to your dedicated private Ignite support team. That special email address was sent to you the day you joined the Ignite Family.

If you have tried all these instant fixes and technology still isn’t cooperating, so sorry about this! We’ll get you taken care of ASAP. The more specific you can be, the more quickly we can help. Here are some great specifics to provide along to ensure that you are taken care of as quickly as possible:

  • Have you tried restarting your device, computer, browser, and SANE App?
  • Are you logging in using the same email address (or a social account which uses the same email address) that you used to sign-up for your Ignite Premium Plan?
  • Have you fully updated your web browser, phone, and computer/tablet?
  • What specific URL/webpage or screen you are on?
  • How you are trying to login (aka email vs. social)?
  • Have you already tried to reset your password?
  • What type of device, browser, and operating system are you using?
  • What specifically do you see and how is it different from what you expected?
  • Screen shots are SUPER helpful. Click here to enjoy an awesome free screen shot tool.

Please fill out the simple form at the top of, click the “Send Details” blue button, and then email the info requested above to and we’ll take care of you ASAP!