Happy 4th and a quick heads-up for those interested…I have not spoken much about the recent video incident because I have always said that calories exist, that they matter, and that the best way to avoid overeating them is by maximizing food quality. The calorie myth is the idea that we must consciously count calories to avoid obesity and disease. It’s not that calories don’t exist or do not matter. For example, the image below is from page 25 of The Calorie Myth book.


Again, I hope it’s clear in my work that one of the reasons calorie quality is so important is because maximizing it helps to avoid overcosuming calories (that the “S” in SANE…Satiety).

SANE eating is about maximizing the quality of the foods you eat so that you heal your body and easily avoid over consuming calories (Satiety), avoid hormonal issues (Aggression), enjoy an abundance of essential nutrients (Nutrition), and make it harder for your body to store calories as fat (Efficiency). In fact, inthe chapter in the book about Satiety, you will see many studies demonstrating that one of the key benefits to SANE eating is that it helps us avoid overconsuming calories.

Both calorie quality and quantity matter. It’s just that a lot of people find focusing on food quality makes counting calories or starvation dieting unnecessary.

I hope that helps and here are some other related helpful resources:

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Happy 4th of July!

– Jonathan

PS Quest took the video down because they do not feel they should be in the business of nutrition education. It was not them taking a stand on the video itself. One could imagine they would not have collaborated with me on creating the video if they had strong issues with the content 🙂

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