Diabesity: The Series

Videos, transcripts, worksheets, and more from the eight originally aired modules

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MODULE 1: The Shocking Heartbreak of Diabesity

They cut off my foot. I went blind. You deserved better.

We cannot solve a problem this widespread without understanding it first. In Module 1 you will discover the often overlooked causes of Diabesity as well as the one surprising discovery that immunizes you against its deadly consequences forever. These symptoms are painful, debilitating, and heartbreaking, but they are avoidable. Why has modern medicine missed this epidemic for so long and why is it failing to stop it now? While the government and media have given us guidelines and headlines that made us sick for decades, a small group of ground-breaking doctors at The Harvard Medical School are showing us the exact root causes of Diabesity and simple steps you can take to avoid it forever.

Join us on this journey around the world to pull back the curtain on what has been called “the pandemic of our times,” and discover the simple solutions that can heal your body and mind, protect your loved ones from these painful consequences and save billions (literally!) from the pain of a Diabesity or Pre-Diabesity diagnosis.

  • Why Diabesity increases your risk of heart disease, stroke, dementia, Alzheimer’s, cancer, high blood pressure, amputation, blindness, and kidney failure more than any other medical condition.
  • The one shocking discovery Jonathan made after studying 1,300 studies over 15 years that changed everything he believed about health in an instant.
  • “Please don’t take my leg” – How Diabesity killed Jonathan’s grandfather (his “superman”) and how that shaped Jonathan’s entire life.
  • The only scientifically proven way that can avoid this disease while becoming a member of that exclusive “club” of naturally slim and healthy people who are “automatically” protected from diabetes and obesity.
  • Take the Diabesity Quiz to find out if you or your family members are at risk now, or in the future.
  • Why Diabesity means your metabolic system is suffering from a “clog”, which can include your brain, gut, and hormones, and how these imbalances lead to the deadly medical issues associated with Diabesity.


MODULE 2: The Invisible Force Determining Your Diabesity Destiny

Understanding My Setpoint Changed Everything. I Found The Secret To Becoming Naturally Thin. Now I Know I’ll Never Yo-yo Diet Again.

In this module you will discover the breakthrough science behind your setpoint weight. You will also see how over 1,300 studies and top Doctors at Harvard Medical School reveal that an “elevated setpoint” is the root cause of Diabesity. The human body is a beautifully complex biological machine. Your brain, gut, and hormones all work together through a highly coordinated system to help stabilize your body weight and blood sugar—the same way they automatically stabilize your body temperature and blood pressure. This is called your “Setpoint.”

You will be introduced to some of the leading thought leaders and researchers that are shattering what you have been taught about bodyweight, diabetes, mood, and energy.

Whether you critically need to reverse a full-blown Diabesity diagnosis, or simply want to lose a few pounds, this is the information and tools you have been missing. The starting point of this journey is looking at exactly how your “setpoint weight” works—and why lowering it is the ONLY way to enjoy a healthy weight and blood sugar levels LONG-TERM.

You will discover:

  • The shocking reason that starvation dieting and elimination diets makes you sick and gain weight, while leading to yo-yo dieting, eating disorders, and an elevated setpoint.
  • Why lowering your setpoint means effortless, natural weight loss and diabetes protection, along with more energy, better sleep, and a natural immunity against depression, anxiety, dementia, Alzheimer’s, and heart disease..
  • Why calories count but you never need to count them, and why that means you eat more–but smarter–to lose weight and balance blood sugar permanently.
  • How your brain, gut, and hormones talk to one another through various feedback loops to synchronize the activities that automatically maintain body fat and blood sugar at a specific level, otherwise known as your setpoint.
  • Why lowering your setpoint isn’t just one way to lose weight; it’s the only sustainable way to keep it off permanently, and it’s the only guaranteed long term defense against obesity and diabetes.
  • Practical steps you can take today to begin the process of lowering your setpoint and avoiding or reversing diabesity.
  • Plus, the #1 way to ensure a lower setpoint so you never have to feel like you are fighting against your body again… but instead enjoy the body of a naturally thin and healthy person.


MODULE 3: Neurological Inflammation & Digestive Genocide

I Thought “This Changes Everything.” My Hundred-Million Little Helpers. It’s Like Superhuman Willpower. It’s Easy, it’s just a habit now.

What if healing your brain and your gut could shrink your belly and balance your blood sugar? While that may sound like science fiction, it’s one of the little known scientific facts that will get you to your ideal setpoint, defend against Diabesity and finally unlock permanent wellness and weight loss for you. You will discover the exact steps you can take to fix two of the hidden setpoint factors: gut health and neurological inflammation. You will see that if you don’t heal your gut and reduce neurological inflammation, you will always be at risk for Diabesity.

Plus, you will transform the way you think about and use willpower, discovering how to literally effortlessly (aka no willpower required!) escape unhealthy cravings and damaging emotional eating. And you will do all of this with simple and scientifically proven tips and tools that you can use to immediately feel completely in control of your body, appetite, and emotions.

You will discover:

  • The surprising truth about neurological inflammation and how it is the silent cause of so many of the problems we just accept as “part of growing older” like weight gain, diabetes and heart disease, even Alzheimer’s!
  • Why healing your gut microbe is easier than you think and more important than you could imagine for your health.
  • The delicious “science fiction” foods that can fix up your gut health and supercharge your Diabesity defenses.
  • Practical tips that will triple your willpower and make it easy to stick with energy-boosting, Diabesity defending habits.
  • How to tap into the science of heart rate variability (HRV) to increase your ability to create positive new habits that lead to lifelong health and happiness.
  • Plus, simple and fun strategies that develop and strengthen your willpower.


MODULE 4: Balanced Hormones, Balanced Life, Unbelievable Results

“I Didn’t Know If I’d Ever Feel This Way Again. No, Really, Almost Too Much Energy. I Stopped Trying and Started Losing.”

In Module 4 you are going to cover the 3rd and final hidden key to lower your setpoint weight: Your hormones.

I know a lot has been written and said about this subject, but what you will learn here will change how you view words like “leptin” and “insulin” and how they relate to everyday life and day-to-day decisions you make for yourself and your family.

We will show you the simple, proven 5 step program to clear out your “hormonal clogs” without starving yourself. In fact, as you clear out your hormonal clog, your setpoint will fall, and you will experience something you may have thought was impossible: Eating as much food as you want, whenever you want, while enjoying a body you love, with all day energy, and a vibrant mood while you effortlessly avoid Diabesity. You will learn all about the 5 most important hormones that cause weight gain, and simple ways to have them work with you, instead of against you as you lower your setpoint.

Plus, I’ll show you a new form of at-home exercise that activates untapped muscle fibers within your muscles that cause tremendous hormonal changes in your body. Hormonal changes that will help to lower your setpoint and reverse diabesity — and the best part is — you need to do this low-impact type of exercise less, not more to see the best results!

You will discover:

  • The shocking truth about your hormonal clog and why you will never lose weight or be free from diabetes unless you clear the clog.
  • The 5 simple step program to heal and balance your hormones.
  • Why the best way to fend off Diabesity and lose dangerous belly fat is to eat more of the right foods, pamper yourself, sleep more, spend more time with friends, have more sex, and do less but higher-quality exercise.
  • A new form of at-home exercise that can be done by anyone, anywhere and will provide setpoint lowering and Diabesity defeating results that are impossible via any other form of physical movement in 20 minutes per week.
  • The 2 simple keys to eccentric movements which means you are exercising less but burning more fat.
  • Discover how your type 2b muscle fibers cause the most hormonal benefits the help to lower your setpoint and reverse diabesity,
  • Plus, 15 other factors that will help to lower your setpoint and avoid diabesity for good!


MODULE 5: Mind Over Medication & Diabesity Defeating Mental Strategies

My Diabesity and depression BOTH disappeared. The voice in my head is finally quiet.

Next up we are going to cover something that almost everyone overlooks when they are trying to avoid contracting diabetes and obesity. This module will show you modern psychology’s best tricks, tools, and strategies to make sure your mind and body are aligned so you can easily and enjoyably complete this journey.

If you have ever struggled to reach a goal in the past, then you are going to find out why the conventional approach to goal setting is actually setting you up for disappointment. And we will show you the surprising new way to set goals that you easily, enjoyably, and consistently reach.

Most people don’t realize that even more important than what you put into your mouth is what you put in your mind; because that is what really affects what you eat and the quality of your life. You will be more confident, calmer and feel more joy as you experience a richness of life that you may have never thought possible.

The key is that when you change the quality of your thoughts, the quality of your self-image improves, and that makes improving the quality of what you eat, and how you live almost effortless… and that makes reversing or avoid diabesity almost effortless! These are the amazing tools that work with your brain rather than against it… simple tools proven by modern psychology… that you won’t find anywhere else and that give you shockingly quick results.

You will discover:

  • The mental tools and strategies that will allow you to rewrite your story and rewire the way you talk to yourself.
  • Why most “goal setting” will take you farther from where you want to be and make getting there more difficult.. And exactly what to do instead.
  • The “P Vs. P” principle that will unlock true freedom and end the cycle of shame, making it easy to break old habits, avoid cravings and emotional eating, stop self-sabotaging behaviors, and all while staying motivated effortlessly.
  • The secret to getting unstuck and feeling back in control of your health that has been in front of you all along (this one will surprise you).
  • The newly discovered science-based methods that make lasting change easy and instantaneous.
  • How your perception CAN change instantly… immediately ending any struggle you may have with food and making an almost unimaginably bright future infinitely more achievable.
  • Plus, I will give you a breakthrough new mind-set that will make achieving your new body and life so much easier. And once you get that moment of clarity—boom—you “get it,” there is no going back.


MODULE 6: Restore Your Sanity, Take Back Your Health, Enjoy Food Again

They lied to me. I feel like I finally ‘get it.’ Nutritional serenity. Your SANEity.

In Module 6 you are going to learn exactly what to eat to eliminate your risk of diabesity, and reverse the symptoms if you are already suffering. This is where the rubber meets the road and we bring all that you have learned up until now into the supermarket and kitchen and use it to create delicious meals so you will never have another question about “what should I eat” again.

We will make eating simple, fun and most of all you will feel confident with every food choice you make. Eating will finally be enjoyable and you will be forever freed from guilt, shame, and confusion.

The simplest way to create a cascade of dramatic biological healing in your mind and body is to enjoy the abundance of what are known as S.A.N.E foods. That’s short for Satiety, Aggression, Nutrition and Efficiency… I know that sounds strange but after 1,300 studies the science is crystal clear: This eliminates Diabesity by lowering your Setpoint.

This is exactly the way your body was meant to eat if you want to feel your best inside and out. And the best part? S.A.N.E. eating is all about enjoying MORE of the foods you love. It’s the opposite of starvation dieting or elimination diets. You will learn to fill up on so much delicious Diabesity destroying and Setpoint lowering food, that you don’t have room for sickening stuff.

We will cover it all: Heavenly healing desserts. The perfect and colorful diabetes free S.A.N.E. plate. The most potent anti-diabesity fruits, vegetables and spices. Yummy smoothies and beverages. Meal plans to simplify your life. Simple and delectable SWAPS that your whole family will love—so you get the crunch and texture that we all crave without the deadly side effects.

Plus, we will talk about what you can do today to ensure the children in your life grow up forever free from diabesity, and with an empowering relationship with their bodies and with food.

You will discover:

  • How your cravings and emotional eating can be a thing of the past once you start eating MORE of your favorite delicious S.A.N.E. foods throughout the day.
  • Why focusing on the quality of food you eat, makes worrying about the quantity of calories you eat a thing of the past. If you get WHAT to eat right, HOW MUCH will take care of itself… it feels like magic but is proven by science.
  • How to make eating high-quality S.A.N.E. foods take less than half as much time, money, and mental energy than your current dietary habits.
  • Simple and satisfying SWAPS that your whole family will love to get the crunch and texture that we all crave without the deadly side effects.
  • How to make the entire family fall in love with food that will help them thrive at school, at work and at home.
  • Mine, yours, and everyone’s favorites… Are delectable anti-diabesity desserts that heal our bodies really possible? Yes, and we will show you how.
  • Plus, Diabesity Defending Swap Cheat sheets so you will always know that secret ingredient to use instead of the typical diabesity causing ingredient.


MODULE 7: Quick, Easy, and Affordable Diabesity Dodging Cooking Class

Main Dishes, Sides, Sauces, Snacks, Desserts, and Chocolate?!

What you put into your body is THE essential ingredient to fixing Diabesity and your Setpoint, so it’s time to head into the kitchen and have some fun! In this module it’s all about “quick, easy, and delicious” as you join Jonathan and Chef Dawn Ludwig, Author of Always Delicious, and the chef behind the recipes in Always Hungry?: Conquer Cravings, Retrain Your Fat Cells, and Lose Weight Permanently in the kitchen for a magical journey into sweet, savory, crunchy, and salty. We have all the healing deliciousness we could manage packed into this incredible cooking adventure around the world. And the best part is that we filmed these in Dawn’s kitchen just steps from Harvard University, so you can bet every recipe is backed by proven science to defend against diabesity.

You will also hear the real life “how-tos” from our success stories about the exact simple changes they made in the kitchen that led to dramatic outcomes in real life—of course including the reversal of diabesity!

Whether you are a kitchen pro looking for diabesity defending swaps and tricks that the whole family will love, or a beginner looking for the basics we have you covered. This is what you need to make everyone, even the pickiest of eaters smile and enjoy healing S.A.N.E. food.

You will discover:

  • Intimidated by the kitchen? No problem, we have you covered. Been cooking for years but want to know fun ways to up the healing of your favorite dishes? It’s all here for you!
  • Short on time? You’ll see how cooking to dodge Diabesity and lower your Setpoint takes less than 20 minutes per day.
  • Like saving money? You’ll learn how high-quality does NOT mean high-cost. These budget-friendly dishes will make both your wallet and mouth happy.
  • The “recipe for recipes” that makes creating meals on the fly easy, fun, and delicious, and allows you to transform old favorites into healing meals the whole family will love.
  • How to make therapeutically yummy dinners, lunches, fast and delicious breakfasts, snacks, truffles, waffles, chocolate, and more… all proven to prevent and reverse diabesity.
  • Plus, you will get all of our secret sauces that can make literally just about anything taste wonderful in 30 seconds.


MODULE 8: Immune from Diabesity and Full of Life for The Rest of Your Life

I wish they could see me now. She’s so proud of me. It’s like I’m seeing life in color for the first time.

This series is designed to cause permanent improvements to your body and mind and this module is all about putting what you have learned so far into action for a lifetime free of diabesity and full of freedom, power, and self-expression.

When we are done here you will have the exact information and the right mindset to enjoy a naturally fit, healthy, and Diabesity free life thanks to you lower Setpoint, S.A.N.E. lifestyle, and sane mindset. You will be forever free from the insane ways of eating and living that have led so many people around the world to experience unneeded pain and suffering. I know you are doing everything you can to be part of the solution and this is where the freedom and confidence becomes a reality for you!

You will learn how to escape all the confusing and conflicting “health advice” noise and get clarity on creating a better life for yourself and your loved ones. At the end you will have the inner strength to achieve goals, change habits, and improve your life, transforming it into something better than you could ever have imagined. All while learning from real life success stories that prove anyone, no matter where you are starting from can reverse and defend against the agony and misery of Diabesity.

The high quality life that you deserve is simply the result of high-quality living, and you will learn exactly how to create that high quality life, for the rest of your life, simply and easily..

You will discover:

  • The critical first steps you must take today to stay diabesity free… too many people completely miss this simple process.
  • The single most important key for long term success and getting off the health rollercoaster once and for all.
  • How to reclaim your joy for food and finally love your body again.
  • Why taking the “road less traveled” is the most powerful anti-diabsity medicine, better than any prescription.
  • Why you will be happier, slimmer, and healthier if you forget everything you know about “food groups” and focus on this surprising tactic instead.
  • A shockingly simple two minute mindfulness practice that when you do it twice daily will do more for your health and happiness than anything you could ever eat.
  • Plus, I will share real world how-to’s on how to enjoy eating away from home, while avoiding diabetes —even if you are stuck at fast food or a convenience store.

NEED HELP? If you would like 1-on-1 help from a certified expert to personalize your hormonal treatment plan to lose weight and reverse diabetes and Diabesity, you can see if you qualify for a free session by clicking here.