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FIRST: Define Your SANE Success

  1. Dieting Is Modern Bloodletting
  2. Long-Term Wellness vs. Short-Term Weight Loss
  3. Understand “Healthy 2.0” Deeply, Live Better Easily
  4. Totally Different Approach, Totally Different Results

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SECOND: Your SANE Success Has Little To Do With Weight

  1. Using A Scale To Measure Self-Worth
  2. Focusing On Weight Is As Counterproductive As Focusing On Calorie Counting
  3. Free Yourself From Your Scale Forever
  4. Focus On That Which Helps You, Not That Which Harms You

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THIRD: Simple + Calm + Gradual = Forever Fat-Loss and Health

  1. Aiming for Immediate Perfection = Ultimate inSANEity
  2. Count Less To Burn More
  3. Your Simple, Calm, Gradual SANE Success Schedule
  4. Less Willpower, More Serenity and Simplicity

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ANYTIME: Simplify and Eat More Whole SANE Foods

You can always learn about the following superfoods in your SANEStore. No pills or nonsense needed…just convenient whole foods.