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Pre-order 3 books to get the extended materials from Jonathan Bailor’s Smarter Science of Slim, including the 28 Day Quick Start Program, Personalized Support, A Million Words of Instant Answers, Daily Tips & Recipes, a Printable Grocery List, and Printable Exercise Log. Email your receipts to bundles@thecaloriemythbook.com


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Pre-order 1000 books to get everything in the 500 book bundle, plus 5 total hours of personal coaching or webinar wellness consulting for your business. If personal: 5 total hours of personal coaching over skype or at my home in Seattle, WA (travel etc. not included). Email your receipts to bundles@thecaloriemythbook.com


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Dear Reader,

Since the 1970s doctors, scientists, and government agencies have offered the public the same advice when it comes to maintaining a healthy weight: eat less and exercise more. But if losing weight is as simple as balancing calories in vs. calories out, how could the greatest increase in obesity and diabetes in history take place alongside the greatest increase of dieting and exercise in history?

Based on more than a decade of research and endorsed by top doctors and researchers from Harvard, Johns Hopkins and UCLA, THE CALORIE MYTH by Jonathan Bailor offers a radically new and scientifically-proven model for sustainable weight loss: the key to long-term success is not the number of calories that we eat—but rather what kinds of calories we eat.

As Bailor proves, the human body is designed to resist excessive weight gain. When we eat more of the right foods—whole plants and nutritious proteins—our bodies maintain a healthy weight (also known as “set point” weight) by automatically balancing calories in and calories out. But when we eat sugar, starches, processed fats, and other poor quality foods, the hormones that regulate this system become “clogged,” causing the body to hold onto extra weight, and elevating our set-point. Much like the wrong quality of food causes diabetes by impairing the body’s ability to balance blood sugar automatically, the wrong quality of food causes obesity by impairing the body’s ability to regulate our weight automatically.

THE CALORIE MYTH shows us how eating more—of the right kinds of foods—and exercising less—but at a higher intensity—is actually the key to burning fat, balancing hormones, boosting metabolism, and creating long-term weight loss. Bailor offers readers a step-by-step action plan, including a comprehensive food plan based on non-starchy vegetables, nutritious proteins, fruits, and nuts and seeds; simple recipes; and a detailed exercise program that requires a commitment of just 10-20 minutes per week.

In a uniquely persuasive and conversational narrative, Bailor effectively condenses more than 1,200 scientific studies to offer frustrated dieters an alternate roadmap to lifelong weight loss and vibrant health. And in doing so, he exposes the fundamental myth upon which the diet industry has been built: the eat less + exercise more = weight loss equation simply doesn’t add up. It’s time to change the way we think about weight loss.

Enjoy THE CALORIE MYTH, the only diet book you will ever need.


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