Jonathan Bailor’s Daily Breakfast

Hey Jonathan Bailor here and today’s secret for simplifying your scrumptious daily SANE Smoothie habit is a recipe that I enjoy every day…sometimes two times per day…because it can be both a beautiful breakfast and a delicious dessert.

To get started let’s go over our ingredients.

  1. ¼ cup chia seeds
  2. ¼ cup unsweetened shredded coconut
  3. 1 TBSP coconut flour
  4. ⅓ TSP cinnamon
  5. ⅓ TSP vanilla
  6. 4 TBSP Clean Whey (or if you are a vegan Clean Pea) protein
  7. ⅛ TSP guar gum
  8. 1 TSP unflavored gelatin
  9. 1 drop peppermint oil
  10. 1 cup of water and adjust to your desired consistency
  11. 1 TBSP Slimming Sugar Substitute and adjust to your desired level of sweetness

If you are SANEScoring, this gives you 2 servings of optimal whole-food fats and 1 serving of nutrient-dense protein. If you don’t know what SANEScoring is, it’s all good. You can learn all about it by joining me for your free Setpoint Diet webinar at

Also, please remember that if you want to maximize your fat loss, energy levels, mood, and overall health, it is CRITICAL that every time you eat you are eating complete SANE meals. This means you’ll want to make sure to drink a pure-veggie SANE smoothie along with this you’ll note that there were no non-starchy veggies in that ingredient list. If you don’t yet know what a complete SANE meal is, again, it’s all good…just pop over to and you’ll be all set.

Now, here’s where the magic happens. Add all the ingredients to your Vitamix and start blending on a slow speed and slowly turn it up to high…blending for 15 seconds…and adding water as you go as needed.

After that you are going to add a handful of ice. Blend for another 15 seconds and enjoy! You can blend longer for a fluffier texture 🙂

That’s the cereal-like breakfast version which you can see is absolutely packed with super SANE foods that will give you all day energy while helping you burn belly fat and think clearly all day. You can of course adjust the ingredients up or down to find your favorite taste, texture, and consistency. Also, I never make one smoothie a time. Same thing applies here. I can fit four of these it a single 64oz Vitamix jar and I freeze the ones I’m not going to drink right away. You can thaw them in the fridge overnight or in a few hours at room temperature and then given them a quick reblend for the best taste and texture.

If you’d like something chocolately, add ¼ cup of raw undutched cocoa powder. This doesn’t impact your SANEScore as raw unductched cocoa powder is a “free food,” but it will really help reduce your cravings, curb your appetite, and give you one of the most concentrated doses of disease fighting antioxidants you can image. You may need to also add a bit more Slimming Sugar Substitute if you add raw undutched cocoa powder, but that totally depends on how sweet you want your smoothie to be. The longer you go SANE and the SANEr you get, the less and less sweetener you’ll need to get them same effect…as SANE eating literally rewires your brain and tastebuds, but more on that later or at as I want to keep this quick for you 🙂

For the dessert version, the only difference is you definitely want to add that cocoa, more Slimming Sugar Substitute, and more ice. This creates a super SANE sort of ice cream. While it’s not Ben & Jerry’s, I find it to be quite tasty, and I will take quite tasty and fat burning, energy boosting, and hormone healing all day!

To wrap up, like everything involving your SANEity, be sure experiment with this until you find your perfect personalized version of the recipe. Your daily SANE Smoothie habit is all about you, all about personalization, and all about progress rather than perfection, so see what we covered today, and everywhere else SANE, as a starting point, not an ending point, and please let your Expert SANE Smoothie Chefs know how it goes, what you like best, and we may even feature your personalized version of the recipe within the SANE Smoothie Club!

I hope you enjoyed today’s secret for simplifying your scrumptious daily SANE Smoothie habit and I look forward to seeing you again soon!