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FIRST: Exercising More Does Not Cause Long-Term Fat Loss

  • Exercise More to Burn More
  • Chronic “Cardio” is a More Time Consuming Way to Starve Yourself
  • Exercise Smarter to Burn More
  • Exercising More Doesn’t Make You Thin

SECOND: The Myth That All Calories Are Created Equal

  • A Calorie Is a Calorie
  • A Calorie Is a Calorie Like Water Is Water
  • SANE Calories Heal You, inSANE Calories Harm You
  • Eat More—SANEr

THIRD: Calorie-Quality Factor 1: Satiety

  • All Calories Are Equally Satisfying
  • A Calorie Is Not A Calorie When It Comes To Filling You Up
  • Calories Vary In How Quickly They Fill You Up and Keep You Full
  • High-Satiety Foods Fill You Up Most Effectively

ANYTIME: Simplify Eating More SANE Food

No nonsense…just convenient and delicious whole foods.