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FIRST: Part 2 Of 2: A SANE Approach To Carbohydrates

  • High-Carb vs. Low-Carb Confusion
  • Conflicting carbohydrate chaos
  • The High-Nutrition Low-Confusion Lifestyle
  • Focus on quality of carbs, not quantity

SECOND: Part 1 Of 3: A SANE Approach To Protein

  • High-Protein Diet
  • SANE Protein Servings
  • Moderate-Protein SANE Lifestyle
  • Eat More Protein, Burn More Fat…Literally

THIRD: Part 2 Of 3: SANE Sources Of Protein

  • Carrot Cake is a Good Source of Vegetables
  • Just Because a Food Contains Some Protein Does Not Mean it is a Good Source of Protein
  • High-Quality Protein = High-Quality Health
  • Protein Progress, Not Protein Perfection

ANYTIME: Simplify Eating More SANE Food

No nonsense…just convenient and delicious whole foods.