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THANK YOU! Your Goodies Are On Their Way To Your Inbox, While You Wait Discover How To:

Accelerate Your Weight Loss and Achieve Lasting Results Faster and Easier With Your Own Success Coach AND 12 Week Weight Loss Program…

Join us for the SANE12 12-Week Quick Start Program and get everything you need to create a slimmer, healthier you! Includes 1-on-1 coaching call, 12 weeks of meal plans, 6 full color recipe books, plus over $163 worth of exciting bonuses and so much more to jump-start your success.

Enjoy Instant Lifetime Access to the ‘SANE12 Quick Start Program’. Try it free for 12 days. If you love it, do nothing, and you will be billed the low introductory program price of $97. This is a one-time charge, NOT a recurring membership.

What Makes The SANE12 Program Different?


Discover a new you and a new body in just 12 weeks with the SANE12 Program:

For all of us there is a turning point where we decide to finally make the change that will give us the life of joy, happiness, and energy that we deserve and desire…

Christine made that choice on a hospital bed…

ChristineIn 2010 Christine Biswabic weighed 278 pounds and wore a size 4X. She suffered daily with PCOS, high blood pressure and headaches. During a cold, snowy December Minnesota morning she was hit head on by 5 cars, including a large pickup truck and broke her neck.

Lying in the hospital bed for over 3 weeks she decided something had to change.

In all, Christine, 47, has dropped more than 100 pounds and now wears a size 10 medium. “Today,” she says, “I live SANE! I know what it’s like to feel free, with ease of mobility and an uncluttered mind… and that’s priceless.”

Dr. Britell made that choice after humiliation…

Dr-BritellsimgDr. Cathy Britell specializes in rehabilitation medicine, but also had a second career as a “professional dieter and exerciser” as she put it. After 30 years she watched her weight go up, then down… then UP again, all the way to clinically obese at 225 pounds. She reached her low-point when she had an embarrassing episode on a flight coming home after the holidays with family in 2013.

Then Dr. Britell discovered the SANE way of eating more and exercising less but smarter. Right away, the pounds started to disappear. She reached the goal that had eluded her for decades, dropping 40 pounds and going from a size 22 to a size 14.

Looking better is only part of the story. Cathy had prediabetes, but now her blood sugars are normalized, and so are her lipids. “Now that I’ve lost the weight, everything seems like so much more fun.”

Cristina made that choice when she learned should could not have children…

cristinaCristina Hanganu-Bresch was diagnosed with diabetes, placed on cholesterol medicine and finally faced the reality that she would never have children after many years of trying with her husband Mark. The news came after a depressing meeting with a fertility specialist who gave her little hope for the future if her “numbers stayed where they were.”

She discovered SANE through a friend and embraced the small but powerful changes. Within 3 months she had lost 45 pounds, her cholesterol dropped from 220 to 103, she was taken off her diabetes meds and as she told me over email…

“There’s just one more thing: After 5 years of trying, I finally got pregnant!”

Even Christine’s husband has embraced the changes and has lost 32 pounds, fixed his sleep apnea and stopped debilitating migraines. “Going SANE” isn’t about “you must do this” and “you can never do that.” She told me. “It is about using simple science instead of complex myths to live better—whatever your lifestyle.”

That was THE turning point in their life… the day that the lightbulb turned on brighter than ever and they decided to never go back to the pain and suffering of their old lives.

They made it through, and on the other side was vibrant health, energy, and the joy of knowing they were no longer held back by being overweight.

Now it’s your turn…

To help YOU create your own turning point today I want to invite you to try the SANE12 Quick Start Program packed with everything you need to get started today.

We created the amazingly affordable SANE12 Quick Start so that nobody misses out on the most powerful, proven and fat-burning, life-changing weight loss system ever created. Backed by clinical research and endorsed by top doctors.

The first 2 weeks of any new change are the most critical to your lasting success. That’s why we have loaded this quick start package with everything you need to put your first foot forward on the path to achieving your weight loss goals… especially if everything you have tried in the past has failed you.

For a limited time low price, you will jump start your SANEity in 12 weeks by knowing what to eat, how to prepare it, how to track it, how to stay motivated to keep doing it, and even get personal 1-on-1 phone coaching to ensure you get off to a great start!

Keep reading to discover why the SANE12 program is so powerful and to learn about what you will receive in this powerful program that you will be getting access to today. Plus, you will see even more in-depth SANE success stories of people just like you…

The Only Fat-Burning System Proven By 1,300+ Studies

Going SANE is recommended to help you lose weight by top doctors
at Harvard Medical School, Johns Hopkins, UCLA, and more!

What If You Could Eat MORE, Exercise LESS, and Lose Weight For Good? Curious About The Science? Watch This Video to Learn The Surprising Truth…

Sane Solution

It’s Time For A Better Solution, A SANE Solution:

Ready to see faster results and get started with your 12 week SANE Quick Start? Enjoy Instant Lifetime Access to the ‘SANE12 Quick Start Program’. Try it free for 12 days. If you love it, do nothing, and you will be billed the low introductory program price of $97. This is a one-time charge, NOT a recurring membership.

Join the SANE12 Program Today and Enjoy…

Access To Everything You Will Need To Start Eating SANE, Stop Yo-Yo Dieting, Stay Motivated, End Cravings, Eliminate Confusion, Stay Supported, and Finally Achieve Lasting Weight Loss Success!

1) 1-on-1 Phone Coaching Call With Your SANE Certified Coach ($97 Value)

This is your opportunity to get on the phone with a caring SANECertified™ Coach and get all your questions answered! It’s the perfect first step to start off your SANE journey towards vibrant health and success.

Together on this call you will pinpoint any issues that may be holding you back, and create a personalized roadmap for you to follow over the next 12 weeks to ensure you achieve the greatest weight-loss success of your life!

Your coach is like your personal weight-loss concierge and will ensure you are moving confidently towards your goals. This quick start call is where we lay the foundation for your success and is the absolute best way to start your journey to health and wellness.

To Ensure Your Unique Needs Are Met:
  • Your expert SANECertified™ Coach will guide you one-on-one in answering all your questions and personalizing the perfect roadmap to your success.
  • At the end of your call you will feel uplifted, energized, and ready to face any challenge or temptation.
  • This personalized, one-on-one quick start coaching call is only available to members of the SANE12 program.

“There were just a few things that I was confused about and this call was the perfect way to get my questions answered.”Beth R.Alexandria, VA

2) SANE Real-Results Meal Plans & Grocery Lists ($149 Value)

With 12 weeks of SANE Real-Results Meal Plans & Grocery Listsyou will never be stuck wondering what’s for dinner ever again.You will be shocked by the tasty food and how easy it is to find fat-burning meals that everyone enjoys. Each and every recipe is 100% SANE SANECertified™ to ensure they are helping to heal your hormones and burn the most fat possible.

And the best part is: It’s all REAL food! You will never have to eat tiny pre-packaged “meals” filled with fattening sugar, and artificial preservatives. These weekly meal plans and grocery lists make shopping a snap, and because you are planning ahead and saving money on your weekly grocery bill. Saving money and looking your best, it does not get better than that!

  • Never wonder “What’s for dinner?” again! Your meal plans and grocery lists make planning, shopping, and cooking for the week a breeze.
  • Get new recipes every week. Your meal plan arrives in your inbox — complete with 7 family–friendly, perfectly proportioned SANE Certified™ dinners (entrée + side).
  • Shop simply and enjoy an interactive grocery list organized by section that works at any grocery store and on any device (aka phone, tablet, laptop, even paper!)
  • Cook quickly because we make meal planning simple and easy, and save your SANEity — while you transform dinner along with your family’s health, waistlines, and energy!

“Going SANE means never being hungry…I love that! We’re all able to eat this way every day.”Carlie B.Lubbock, TX

3) Get A New SANECertified™ Recipe eBook Every Other Week For 12 Weeks ($179.70 Value)

6 Award-Winning SANECertified™ Recipe eBooks

Get a brand new SANECertified™ Recipe Collection eBook every other week for 12 weeks. Filled with our most delicious fat-burning recipes and vivid full color photography, these are convenient digital versions of our popular print recipe books that normally sell on Amazon for $39.95 each!

And of course, you can enjoy these recipes (over 350 of them!) everywhere you go on your laptop, desktop, phone, or tablet…and you can even print them out!

This is just a small sample of the Recipe eBooks

  • 99 SANE Certified Breakfast, Lunch, and Soup Recipes217 Pages
  • SANE Certified Side and Salad Recipes215 Pages
  • 72 SANE Desserts Recipes144 Pages
  • 99 SANE Certified Main Dish Recipes Volume 1213 Pages
  • 118 SANE Certified Lunch, Side, and Snack Recipes249 Pages
  • 90 SANE Certified Baked Goods + Breakfast Recipes199 Pages

4) 1 Year Access To The Patented SANE Tracking App ($99 Value)

Stay Motivated With Simple Success Tracking Tools

Your easy to use SANE App will help you to see exactly how close you are to reaching your goals and to see exactly what to eat next to lose the most weight deliciously.

There is never any confusion about what you should and shouldn’t eat…plus, it’s three times faster than calorie counting, and it’s easy-to-use immediately on your iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet, most Kindles, and even on your desktop and laptop.

Your SANE App and Tools Free You From Calorie Counting Forever:
  • Enjoy the patented SANEScore™ system that allows you to reach your goals fast.
  • Save time as SANEScoring is 3 times quicker than calorie counting (and 100 times more fun!)
  • Stay supported always on your favorite apple, android, windows, and kindle devices.

“I am not a big ‘app person,’ but this is really helpful and easy. I the SANE app has actually helped me lose 30 lbs. so far!”Joss M.Birmingham, AL

5) Ultimate SANE Jump Start Kit (Value $97)

Start off on the right foot immediately! You will know instantly exactly what to eat today thanks to SANE approved food lists, grocery lists, serving size guides, recipes, printable trackers, and sample meal plans… Plus, the complete “myth-busting” video series and quick start blueprints.

This is the perfect first step if you want to burn fat fast and just want to know “what should I eat?” In less than 15 minutes you will understand the simple SANE system and you will know what to eat, how much to eat, and when to eat it. Simple, easy, fast!

  • Get started right away with the fast-start eBook guide ‘What To Eat Now’…This has SANE approved Food Lists, Grocery Lists, Serving Size Guides, Recipes, Printable Trackers, and Sample Meal Plans.
  • See how to burn fat at breakfast, how to make nutritious and delicious meals for your entire family, how to save time and money cooking and grocery shopping, and how to eat healthy on the go or at work with the complete “Myth-Busting” Video Series.
  • Remember everything and put it into action easily with your Quick Start Cheat Sheets you can post to your fridge.
  • Feel how much easier it is to make smart choices when you have the freedom to feel full and aren’t always hungry!

“I just wanted to know ‘what can I eat’ and this tells me exactly what and how much.”Stacy G.Atlanta, GA

6) Ultimate SANE Motivation Pack ($97 Value)

If you have ever lost motivation to stick with a new diet, then this one-of-a-kind resource was made just for you. You will discover proven psychological tools to ensure you stay motivated long-term by finding your Wellness Why and unlocking your True Purpose Formula. You will see exactly how to overcome obstacles and to protect yourself from distracting hype.

Staying motivated the SANE way is so much more than just positive thinking, it’s about understanding what really helps you to create lasting habits that you can stick with. This will help you to never again struggle with temptations or uncontrollable cravings.

Plus, enjoy success stories and case studies from people just like you to keep focused, excited, and driving directly towards your goals!

  • Unlock proven psychological tools to ensure you stay motivated long term by finding your Wellness Why and True Purpose Formula.
  • Enjoy real world success stories from people just like you to keep focused, excited, and moving directly towards your goals!
  • Never feel alone again and see exactly how to overcome obstacles while protecting yourself from distracting hype and health myths.
  • See how what you are doing is about so much more than the scale, how it will transform the lives of loved ones, and how your new SANE mindset makes motivation automatic.

7) SANE Cooking Secrets and Cheat Sheets ($79 Value)

Creating your own simple, delicious and fat-fighting SANE meals is so simple with these secrets and cheat sheets. You will become a SANE cooking expert in no time and discover how to save time and money as you cook in bulk.

You will be amazed that eating healthy could be so easy and so delicious! With fun instructional videos, easy to follow recipes and SANE cooking secrets and tips you will be whipping up fat-burning meals quickly and easily.

  • You will be a pro in the kitchen in no time, whipping up simple and delicious meals the entire family will love.
  • Get immediate access to over two hours of fun and helpful cooking videos, hundreds of “ready in 10 minutes or less” recipes, SANESwap™ and SANE snack cheat sheets, and beautiful printable worksheets.
  • See exactly how to setup your fridge, freezer, and cabinets to make smart choices easy for the whole family with a sneak peek into Jonathan’s own kitchen.
  • Learn how to make quick and yummy green smoothies that will give you all day energy…and that everyone in your family will enjoy.
  • Enjoy a perfect balance between convenience, variety, and affordability so you get great tasting meals without spending hours in the kitchen.

Stay Motivated And End Confusion With Proven Resources and Tools You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

PLUS, Order Now and Get Instant Access With These NEW Limited-Time Bonuses

Each of these bonuses was created to address the most common roadblocks that cause weight loss plateaus. Get ready to say goodbye to confusion and struggle and hello to simple and SANE!


NY Times Bestselling Calorie Myth Audiobook

  • What if you could eat more, exercise less, and lose weight? What if the world’s most advanced science from the nation’s most trusted medical institutions proved it?
  • This book has been translated into nearly a dozen different languages and sold in countries around the world. And I know it will translate into dramatic weight-loss benefits for your whole family because after more than 15 years of research and study deep within university libraries as well as working directly with the top medical doctors who specialize in lasting weight loss, Jonathan uncovered that almost everything we thought we knew about weight loss is dead wrong.
  • If you have ever struggled with yo-yo dieting, this engaging audiobook will reveal the truth and prove once and for all it’s not your fault. It’s the fault of outdated advice.

5 Week Quick Start Guide With Meal Plan

  • Includes handy worksheets, exercises, and an easy-to-follow meal plan with over 50 new recipes to add to your collection.
  • This guide will help turn every meal into a delicious way to balance your hormones and heal and nourish your body, all while you shed unwanted pounds.
  • When you make just a few small tweaks and smart slimming substitutions that you will discover in this guide, you will see and feel a dramatic improvement in the way you look and feel every single day!

“More For Less” Exercise Guide

  • You will learn about a new type of low-impact body movement program called “Eccentric Resistance Training” that is scientifically proven to activate the hard-to-target types of muscle fibers that can burn up to twice as many calories as your other muscle fibers.
  • This guide provides all the techniques you need to get better results in 20 minutes rather than doing 10 hours of boring jogging on a treadmill… literally! The science is amazing.
  • Contains complete at-home and at-gym exercise programs, plus an easy to use tracker and schedule, so you always know what to do, how to do it, and when to do it for the best results possible in as little time as possible.

The SANE Difference In Real Life


Jay & Jennifer Jacobs

Biggest Loser winners go SANE and keep the weight off for good this time.


Cristina Hanganu-Bresch

Cristina went SANE, ditched her diabetes meds, lost 45 pounds and created a new life.


Christine Biswabic

Even after breaking her neck Christine lost over 100 pounds by going SANE.


Dr. Cathy Britell

Dr. Cathy ditched outdated diet advice and lost 45 pounds while having fun!


Testimonial Disclaimer: All of the testimonials presented above are real and were written by actual members of SANE Solution. Please take into consideration that these testimonials do not necessarily represent typical results of the SANE Solution program. Results may vary between different members of the program due to differences in individual exercise history, genetics, age, sex, personal motivation and other factors. Please consult a physician before beginning any exercise or diet program.