What’s REALLY In Your Protein Bar?

Find Out Why It’s Stopping Your Weight Loss
Don’t eat another protein bar until you learn why they are making you gain weight…

TIP: This video refers to the v1 version of this bar. Please keep reading to see the exciting improvements made in the upgraded v2 version.

Watch this fun & informative presentation to the end and discover:

  • 6 important things you need to know if you want a meal bar to support your weight loss and health goals.

  • Soy protein nuggets, corn syrup, and Canola oil?! Find out if these cheap, potentially toxic GMO crops are sneaking into your diet.

  • Find out which bar has as much sugar as you’ll find in a full serving of Oreos!

  • Why the hidden cause of weight gain or even your ongoing struggles to shed that pesky belly fat might be hiding in your bar.

You No Longer Have To Choose Between Delicious, Nutritious, and Effective

Enjoy to the perfect marriage of homemade taste, visible results, and wholesome ingredients.

Homemade Taste

When you bite in, the first thing you will notice that your SANE Meal Bars don’t taste like typical protein bars…they taste like real food… because they are real food. Soft, chewy, and almost creamy… your SANE meal bars taste homemade with a perfect natural balance of sweet and salty.

  • SANE = tastes homemade
  • inSANE = tastes synthetic

Visible Results

Stuff natural salt, sugar, and fat into a bar and you call it all-natural… the problem? That’s not healthy and not helping with your weight. Instead, let’s combine natural with science to boost-health and burn-fat while tantalizing your taste buds!

  • SANE = heals your metabolism while burning calories
  • inSANE = leads to diabetes while storing fat

Wholesome Ingredients

There’s no shortage of bars claiming to be wholesome…but when did “wholesome” consist of over 65 synthetic ingredients? Enjoy a SANEr approach with the simple, pure, and pronounceable ingredients.

  • SANE = Just over a dozen simple real food ingredients
  • inSANE = Over 65 unpronounceable synthetic ingredients

Ready For A Homemade Taste, Results You Can See, and Ingredients You Can Pronounce?