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4 “Quick-Fix” Detox & Cleanse Mistakes You Must Avoid If You Want To Burn Belly Fat

Jonathan Bailor here and I have a question for you:

What would happen if you only cleaned your house once a year?

I bet the place would be an absolute mess right?

See, that’s the exact problem with almost every “detox” and “cleanse” out there, and why they almost always fail to help you lose weight.

At least over the long term, which is what you want, right?

Just like your house, you can’t “clean” your body once a year, or even every few months and expect to stay looking and feeling your best.

Let’s face it, we don’t want the insides, or the outsides of our body looking like this do we?

Don’t worry by the end of this video you will know exactly how to keep your body clean,

And turn it into a belly fat-burning machine by clearing out toxins, balancing your hormones and speeding up your metabolism.

Hi, I’m Jonathan Bailor, NY Times Best-selling author of The Calorie Myth and over the last 15 years I have traveled the world exposing the myths that keep us fat, sick, and overweight.

I’ve already helped over 100,000 learn how to effortlessly shed ugly belly fat and increase their energy and vitality.

And today, in this short video:

I’ve got a special exposé report that will reveal the SINGLE biggest myth that stops people from losing weight

And it has to do with the 4 mistakes almost everyone makes

When they are trying to do a cleanse or detox to help them burn that annoying fat.

I’m also going to show you exactly why most detoxes and cleanses can actually make you more toxic and gain weight in the long run!

Heck, some even make you gain weight in the short term. I’ll explain why.

So you want so be sure to watch this video all the way to the end because these 4 mistakes drastically reduce your body’s ability to burn off fat.

Plus, I will show you 3 simple tips you can use today to gently, safely and effectively cleanse your body from the inside out, year round.

These tips will effectively help you clear out the toxins that can often lead to weight gain and rev up your body’s natural fat-fighting ability!

In fact, you may be doing one of these right now depending on where you are in the world right now…

These 3 tips are so very important because we don’t want our insides looking like this…

Now, why should you listen to what I have to say today? Glad you asked.

See, I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to work on ground breaking projects with the leading minds in nutrition and fitness such as Tony Horton, Jillian Michaels, Shaun T, Tracy Anderson, as well as Nike and Microsoft on the Nike+ Training and XBox Fitness as well as the and Microsoft wearable “Band” fitness device.

And with top doctors and researchers all around the world. For example, this is Dr. Joann E. Manson. She is the Chief of the Division of Preventative Medicine at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital at the Harvard Medical School.

Yes, Harvard Medical School!

Dr. Manson was kind enough to say this recently:

“Jonathan dismantles the myths that have contributed enormously to weight problems and replaces them with easy-to-understand facts that will change the way you think about eating. In gathering the results of so many studies, Jonathan presents information that is based on rigorous science. As a treasure trove of reliable information, Jonathan can help you take charge of your destiny and turn the tide on weight gain.”

And one strange thing I’ve learned over my years of research and coaching personal clients to success is that….

No matter WHAT you eat, or even if you starve yourself
(which you should NEVER do as I’ll explain in a moment)…

It doesn’t matter if you spend 3 hours a day in the gym, or never get off the couch…

If you get this ONE thing wrong:

You will have a far more difficult time losing that ugly belly fat,

In fact, it may actually be IMPOSSIBLE no matter how hard you try if you get this ONE thing wrong!

What is it?

OK, here it is:

Most people can’t lose weight, no matter how hard they try

Or no matter what fancy “diet” they are on

Because, their body is likely filled with hormonally damaging toxins!

The facts discovered in many recent studies are scary.

The facts are scary:

For example, according to a study conducted by the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York, in collaboration with the Environmental Working Group

“The widespread use of poorly studied chemicals has led to:

“Pervasive contamination of the human population with hundreds of chemicals at low dose mixtures that have not been examined for potential health effects.”

And, they continue to point out that:

“An ever-increasing load of chemical contamination in the human population and global environment that is comprised of poorly studied chemicals, nearly all of which have never before been encountered in all of evolutionary history.”

The specific numbers from the study are enough to keep you up at night:

The researchers found an average of 91 “industrial compounds, pollutants and chemicals”

In the blood and urine of nine volunteers and a total of 167 chemicals in the group.

None of the volunteers work with chemicals on the job. All lead healthy lives.

Yet the subjects contained an average of 91 compounds – most of which did not exist 75 years ago.

And it get’s even worse because…

“76 cause cancer in humans or animals…

94 are toxic to the brain or nervous system…

and 79 cause birth defects or abnormal development.”

This study is the first publicly available, comprehensive look at the chemical burden we carry in our body.

“Pretty much from the minute you wake up to the moment you go to bed, you’re exposed to hundreds and hundreds of chemicals.”

Says Jane Houlihan, vice-president of research for the Environmental Working Group.

And this elevated toxicity may be directly linked to belly fat.

According to Dr. Mark Hyman Director of Functional Medicine at The Cleveland Clinic:

“Environmental toxins interfere with metabolism, overload hepatic detoxification systems, disrupt central weight-control systems, promote insulin resistance, alter circadian rhythms, activate the stress response, interfere with thyroid function, increase inflammation, damage mitochondria, and lead to obesity.”

Let me explain that in plain English:

Your body and the metabolic systems that regulate your weight are intricate and beautiful,

And this research found that the toxins we are exposed to everyday in our environment may be linked to the obesity epidemic and perhaps your personal difficulties in losing weight.

Something Dr. Hyman calls “Treatment Resistance.”

Or in plain English:

These environmental toxins can make it impossible to lose weight no matter how hard you try.

Sound familiar?

Even worse, Dr. Hyman points out that fat deposits act as a “storage depot” for fat soluble toxins increasing the toxic load in the body so it can become a vicious cycle.

So now we know why cleansing toxins from our body is so important to help blast belly fat,

but most “quick fix” cleanses you find out there do more harm than good to really help you lose weight…

In fact, I’m going to expose the 4 dangers of “quick fix” detoxes:

How these “magic pills”, teas, and other crazy (and potentially) dangerous ideas that are lurking out there that can actually make you more toxic.

I will also explain why the “healing crisis” that is often referred to by some salespeople, is a myth used to cover up the ineffectiveness and potential damage that many detox products cause.

If you have ever tried a detox or cleanse program before and felt weird, lacked energy or just plain sick and tired I will explain why.

Plus I will show you why your liver is the most neglected, beaten up and miraculous organ you have.

And how you can actually turn it into your new fat-loss best friend.

Plus, 3 simple tips to help your liver burn even more belly fat for you.

In fact, what you will learn when you watch this video all the way to the end may be the “missing key” that is holding you back from achieving your health and weight loss goals once and for all!

Alright, let’s get right into the 4 top “quick” cleanse mistakes that could actually make you more toxic…

Cleanse mistake #1 is…

[EMAIL GATE HERE potentially?]

Juice cleanses actually increase your toxic load with harmful sugar!

The truth is juice cleanses are a horrible idea for one main reason:

Juice is one of the most concentrated sources of sugar in the world!

Even “quote/unquote healthy juices” you make at home can easily contain as much hormone-clogging fructose and sucrose as a can of coke!

And according to a The Harvard school of Public Health:

“A 20-year study on 120,000 men and women found that people who increased their sugary drink consumption by one 12-ounce serving per day gained more weight over time—on average, an extra pound every 4 years—than people who did not change their intake.“

It gets even worse because these Harvard doctors also reported in the medical journal Diabetes Care:

“People who consume sugary drinks regularly—1 to 2 a day or more—have a 26% greater risk of developing type 2 diabetes than people who rarely have such drinks.”

Plus a landmark study from the National Institutes of Health found that:

Among middle-aged adults, there was a direct correlation between greater sweetened beverage consumption and increased visceral fat.

Yes, visceral fat is belly fat!

As these studies show us sugar is a toxin and it has been shown to cause that ugly belly fat!

So why would you detox with it!?

That’s why most juice fasts can actually increase your toxic load…

It sounds healthy and natural until you take a look at how your body removes toxins.

Even though juicing may actually increase belly fat there is another detox mistake that is even worse…

Mistake #2 is…


Using Detox Teas That Dehydrate You To Give The Illusion of Weight Loss

Celebrities love to post pictures of their latest tea detox.

But are they really safe? And do they really work?

If you want to lose water weight by dehydrating your body then sure you may temporarily lose a few pounds of water weight.

Many detox teas combine caffeine with diuretics that can trigger the temporary loss of water weight.

Just two cups of water weigh one pound on a scale, so shedding fluid can make you look and feel lighter…

Even if you have not lost a single ounce of body fat.

Of course when you lose water weight… it’s just temporary.

The weight will quickly come back again as soon as you stop dehydrating yourself.

That means you will be stuck watching the scale creep back up even after suffering through dehydration pains.

So detox teas can dehydrate you for the illusion of weight loss, but many also contain ingredients that have some potentially nasty side effects:

In addition to actual tea, detox concoctions typically include additional herbs

Which may be designed to curb appetite, rev metabolism, or boost weight loss in unsafe and unnatural ways.

One example is Senna, a plant with a laxative effect.

According to the Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database, the potential side effects of senna use may include diarrhea, gas, abdominal pain and discomfort, cramps, bloating, and nausea.

Does that sound like healthy sustainable weight loss to you?

Another popular ingredient in weight loss teas is guarana, a plant that’s often added to energy drinks.

Its side effects are commonly related to its high caffeine content (about twice that in coffee seeds), which may include nervousness, restlessness, stomach irritation, nausea, vomiting, headache, anxiety, agitation, ringing in the ears, and elevated heart rate, and elevated breathing rate.

So let’s leave the potentially damaging detox teas to the celebrities and uncover mistake #3…

Using Aggressive Detox Supplements That Create a “Healing Crisis”

If any cleanse or detox claims that you need to experience a so-called “healing crisis” or any other side-effect which common sense says is terrible, but their marketing calls “healing” please run to the nearest trash can and toss it!

I think you can agree that healing your body from the inside should never be a “crisis” or feel like you are getting poisoned.

Your body does not heal by suffering damage from these potentially harmful herbs.

What if I told you one of the most popular “extreme detox” ingredients still in use today was actually banned in 2002 by the FDA in over the counter laxative products?

It’s called cascara sagrada.

It’s been banned as an over-the-counter medicine but it’s still used in detox supplements!?

But the craziest part is, customers of extreme detox supplements like cascara sagrada are actually taught that diarrhea is a sign of healing and is a good thing when taking detox supplements.

I strongly disagree with this:

Diarrhea is never a sign of good health, and removing toxins from the body should never need to involve extreme suffering, nutrient loss or the kind of dehydration and cramping that comes with diarrhea.

Anyone who tells you a detox has to hurt, or be painful to be effective should not be trusted.

So if you do choose to take that handful of powerful herbs you can’t even pronounce,

Take a few minutes to research the ingredients to see if any of them have been banned by the FDA like cascara sagrada.

Now, no matter what type of cleanse or detox you do, almost everyone makes mistake #4…

It’s the real reason that any weight lost during a cleanse seems to come back so quickly after the cleanse has ended.

In fact, it’s the exact same reason 95.4% of all diets fail…

Restrictive “Cleanse” and “Detox” Diets Lead To Weight Gain After The Cleanse.

Almost every detox and cleanse program calls for a highly restrictive diet along with their potions and pills.

Here is the truth:

Restrictive diet cleanses and detoxes can actually lower your metabolism

And cause weight gain after the cleanse is finished because your body is now in starvation mode.

Starvation is the absolute worst thing you can do for sustainable, long-term weight loss and slimness.

Because your body reacts to the stress by increasing the hormone Cortisol, which is also known as the “Belly-Fat” hormone.

So when you thought you were trying to lose weight, your body reacts by actually packing on more belly fat!

Not good, right?

According to Lona Sandon, a Dallas dietitian and spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association.

“Long-term fasts lead to muscle breakdown and a shortage of many needed nutrients,”

“Depriving the body of the vitamins and minerals we get from food can“

“actually weaken the body’s ability to fight infections and inflammation”

Also, we all know how important gut health is to losing weight and keeping it off.

Many detoxes can actually get rid of your good gut bacteria, along with the bad stuff.

And by attempting to flush out the “bad stuff” from our intestines, Sandon warns, you’re also “flushing out the good bacteria that keep the intestines healthy.”

Sure, you might see “fast results” from detoxes and cleanses but the truth is the results don’t last.

So how can you “clean your house” to help support your weight loss, without all the crazy and dangerous side-effects?
Because as we learned earlier from Dr. Hyman, unrecognized toxicity in your body may just be the hidden cause of your weight gain.

That means until you fix that toxicity in your body, any diet is doomed to failure.

Now, if you live in today’s modern world, there is a good chance that your liver is overloaded with excess: chemicals, toxins, and pollutants.

And when it has too much of this toxicity to handle, your body simply stores any excess fat in your cells instead of “flushing” it out.

The good news is it’s not your fault if you have EVER struggled to lose weight or even to stick with a cleanse because it made you feel horrible.

A slimming detox should never be a “quick fix.”

Instead it needs to be long term and sustainable so you can gently detoxify every single day to help support your weight loss goals.

So now you know what not to do.

But what is the best way to detoxify your body naturally and safely so you love what you see in the mirror?

And make sure that your internal house is cleaned every single day and looks its best inside and out.

Well, here are my 3 favorite simple tips to help your body detoxify and get rid of that ugly belly fat naturally:

First, Sweat at least 4 times each week.

Your skin is the largest organ of elimination and just working up a sweat is one of the best ways to naturally detoxify.

Even a brisk 20 minute walk in the sun is enough to work up a detoxifying sweat.

Or if activity is not an option, try a sauna, or steam bath to break a sweat and effortlessly clear out toxins.

Some research indicates that “sauna therapy increases excretion of heavy metals such as lead, mercury, cadmium, and fat-soluble chemicals often found in plastics like PCBs, PBBs, and HCBs.”

So just get out there and break a sweat to help get rid of those toxins!

Second, and this may sound funny…

Learn to breath from your belly.

See, your lungs are the unsung hero of your body’s ability to detox.

With every single breath you take your lungs are filtering out fumes, allergens, mold and toxins.

But in order to get the most benefit it’s best to practice something called “belly breath.”

Let’s do it together right now.

Start by putting your hand on your belly.

Breathe out, squeezing the air out of your lungs with your stomach muscles.

Then, as you breathe in, relax your stomach muscles and

after filling your lungs, try to push your hand off your belly with your breath, filling the lower part of your lungs.

The key is to breathe from deep within your belly, not shallow breaths from your chest.

Continue to breathe in and out slowly through your nose.

Each in and out breath should last to the count of three.

Doing this for just 5 minutes a day can help your entire body to relax and de-stress, helping to reduce the belly fat hormone cortisol.

So not only can breathing deeply help to reduce the stress hormones that cause belly fat, it can also help to expel the toxins that you breath in with every breath.

Now this third tip is something I do every day.

It takes just a few seconds and helps to really supercharge and support my body’s natural ability to detoxify.

I add four tablespoons of beet root powder to my daily smoothie.

I know it’s not as glamorous as the latest hollywood cleanse

But, this maroon marvel has been in the news lately as more researchers discover it’s incredible powers…

Time Magazine pointed out:

“Studies have shown beet’s positive effect on blood pressure and cardiovascular health”

And the Huffington Post reported:

“Drinking beetroot juice daily could be super beneficial for your health”

And while this is not a diet, it may help you lose some weight, safely and sustainably, each day as you gently clear out the toxins that can store fat.

This daily trick is exactly what I use to help reduce the toxic load of my liver and support my body’s natural ability to flush fat.

I know 4 tablespoons a day in your smoothie sounds too simple, but the research is so exciting…

And it shows why beet root powder may just be your detoxifying best friend:

See, beetroot powder contains the compounds, betaine and methionine, that support liver detoxification.

Without this natural function, toxins can accumulate both in the liver and the body’s fatty tissues, preventing weight loss

Liver problems can also contribute to sluggishness, mood swings and even more serious illnesses.

In fact, betaine is how beets get their beautiful, deep and rich maroon color.

The key to understanding why a daily gentle detox and cleansing smoothie is so important and how it helps us to blast belly fat…starts in your liver…

Your liver is responsible for DOZENS of functions that keep your body strong and healthy.

This powerhouse organ is VITAL for weight loss, digestion, blood sugar regulation, hormonal balance, brainpower, immunity, energy, circulation, and even your emotional health!

However, if your liver is not happy, losing weight can become very difficult.

How about belly fat? Glad you asked!

One recently published study:

“Indicated that betaine supplementation was effective in reducing abdominal fat deposition in a dose-dependent manner.”

Now, this was a study done on animals, but it does show a potential link between “reducing belly fat” and “betaine.”

Amazing stuff, right?

Plus, beet root powder shows promise as a powerful antioxidant.

A 2005 study found:

“Antioxidant compounds of beta vulgaris (beet root) has similar antioxidant effects as caused by anti-inflammatory cytokines, green and black tea, and with potent antioxidant resveratrol.”

Beet root powder has also been shown to support a healthy blood pressure.

And the latest cutting edge science is showing us that beet root powder can actually increase energy and stamina.

Now, do you think you could you burn more calories if you had more energy all day?

Plus, instead of having to take an unnatural synthetic multivitamin pil, beet root powder gives us abundant B Vitamins, Manganese, Potassium, Iron, Zinc, Calcium and Vitamin C naturally.

And beet root is also rich in soluble fiber which feeds the good bacteria in your gut,

Which is also critical to help your body detoxify naturally.

Even better, beet root contains the antioxidant alpha-lipoic acid (or ALA), which has been used in clinical settings to support long-term weight loss in obese patients.

As you have seen toxicity is a real problem in the modern world and it may be what is holding you back from finally reaching your weight loss goals.

So if you have struggled with ugly belly fat, then today you are in luck!

As is often the case, we find the best solutions in nature. And Beet Root is no exception!

So yes, it is that simple, and it’s what I do every day.

Just adding high-quality, non-GMO, beet root powder to my daily smoothie is what I trust to increase:

My body’s natural ability to gently detox and flush away fat-collecting toxins.


But there is a problem.

Producing high quality beet root powder is not cheap

And most everyone offering “low prices” on the internet are cutting corners like

Adding fillers or using the cheapest beet root powder.

While I have taken beet root powder for many years now in my daily smoothie,

Which is my favorite way to support my daily detox routine,

The truth is I was never really happy with the products on the market.

So after over a year of searching for a Beet Root brand I would personally trust for myself and my family…

And failing miserably…

We decided to finally create our own 100% ZERO-JUNK SANE Beet Root formula so we could be 100% sure that our Beet Root powder is.

The safest, easiest and most convenient way to get more of the essential detox and cleanse nutrition of high quality beet root into your diet.

And Beet Root, as you have seen in this video, is an ideal way to support your body’s natural ability to detoxify and cleanse the liver to eliminate toxins.

It’s called SANE Delicate Detox and Cleanse Smoothie Enhancer, because it’s the best way to turn a daily smoothie into your new natural detox best-friend!

And it could give your body the exact support it needs to clear out the toxicity that has been linked to weight gain as you saw earlier.

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