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FIRST: Calorie-Quality Factor 2: Aggression

  • All Calories Have The Same Hormonal Impact
  • Different Sources of Calories Impact Hormones Differently
  • SANE Calories Clear Hormonal Clogs; inSANE Calories Cause Them
  • Water-, Fiber-, and Protein-Rich SANE Foods are unAggressive

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SECOND: Calorie-Quality Factor 3: Nutrition

  • If It’s High In Vitamins and Minerals, It’s Nutritious
  • Focus on Nutrition Quality, Not Quantity
  • Nutritious = Many Essentials + Few Non-Essentials
  • Enriched Garbage is Still Garbage

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THIRD: Calorie-Quality Factor 4: Efficiency

  • Calorie Counts Tell You How Much Energy Is In A food
  • Quality of Calories Matters Just As Much As Quantity
  • Eat inEfficient Foods to Effortlessly Burn Fat
  • Protein, Fiber, and Water to the Rescue…Again!

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ANYTIME: Simplify Eating More SANE Food

No nonsense…just convenient and delicious whole foods.