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FIRST: Shocking Set-Point Studies and Clogged Sinks

  • The Obesity Epidemic Disproves the Set-Point
  • Common Sense to the Rescue
  • The Obesity Epidemic Supports the Set-Point
  • Embrace the Set-Point and Sinks

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SECOND: How to Lower Your Set-Point Weight

  • Lowering Your Food Intake
  • Ditch Deprivation Dieting
  • Lowering Your Set-Point
  • Burn Fat Automatically, Always

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THIRD: Eating Less Does Not Cause Long-Term Fat Loss

  • Eating More Makes You Fat
  • “Eat Less” is About 1% Right
  • Eating inSANE Low-Quality Food Makes You Fat
  • Eating More SANE Food Makes You Slim

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ANYTIME: Simplify Eating More SANE Food

No nonsense…just convenient and delicious whole foods.