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FIRST: Part 3 Of 3: Free Yourself From Protein Myths

  • FACT: Protein does NOT cause cancer
  • Focus on Proven Science vs. Propaganda
  • Help Your Body Heal with NUTRIENT-DENSE Sources of Protein
  • Focus on High-Quality vs. Low-Quality Rather than Plants vs. Animals

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SECOND: A SANE Approach To Fats

  • Eat Fat, Gain Fat = False
  • Enjoying the right fats is essential to fat loss, health, and SANEity
  • Eat Fat, Burn Fat = True
  • SANE Fats are satisfying, therapeutic, and delicious!

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THIRD: A SANE Approach To Sweets

  • Focus on the Right Fruit, Not Just More Fruit
  • Most fruits are like vegetables dipped in sugar
  • Have Your SANE Cake and Eat It Too!
  • Do you practice safe sweeteners?

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ANYTIME: Simplify Eating More SANE Food

No nonsense…just convenient and delicious whole foods.