Don’t use a smartphone or tablet? It’s all good! Easily track your SANEity using the printable tracker in the Quick Start Kit emailed to you the day you signed-up. 


How To Get Started with Your SANE Solution App

Step 1: Download your SANESolution app from the iTunes App Store or from the Google Play App Store

Step 2: Click the menu icon in the upper left (or swipe right to left). Swipe up and down within the menu to learn how to score and track your meals, see your progress, change your goals, get recipes, and much more!

TIP: You can learn more about scoring, tracking, and serving sizes in the Quick Start Kit emailed to you the day you signed up.

Step 3: Click the “+” or camera icon in the upper right of the app to score/track your meal and get instant feedback

Step 4: Swipe left to right or click the icon in the upper left to see all the other goodies within your SANE App 🙂

It’s that simple! You score, track, and get feedback in about 7 seconds…no complex calorie counting needed!

How To Delete A Meal

Simply tap the SANE Score (the colored circle with the SANE logo in it) at the top of the meal in your feed. It will then show an “X.” If you tap the “X,” your meal will be deleted. Simple as that!

TIP: There’s no way to get a deleted meal back, so please be sure before you delete 🙂

Deleting a meal on this website works similarly. Simply click the SANE Score for that meal and you are all set!

How To Maximize Your SANE Score & Results

The best way maximize your SANE Score and results is to enjoy complete SANE meals which include lots and lots of Non-Starchy Vegetables, lots of Nutrient-Dense Protein, and enough Whole-Food Fats to keep you satisfied.

Eating lots and lots of green veggies (Non-Starchy Vegetables) is the most important thing you can do to maximize your SANE Score (i.e. to make it literally green). This is why some recipes for SANE desserts or entrées aren’t green. On their own, these dishes do not contain Non-Starchy Vegetables, but when enjoyed as PART of a complete SANE meal, will lead to a SANE, delicious, and green meal!

The same “works best with veggies” logic applies when eating a SANE Meal Bar, etc. Certainly your SANE Meals Bars are the SANEst bars in the world, but they still work best when eating with Non-Starchy Vegetables.

Remember that your app thinks holistically in terms of meals vs. individual foods…as taking a holistic complete SANE meals approach (vs. an individual foods approach) will give your radically better results.



How To Enjoy ALL the Benefits of Your App

Your SANESolution App allows you to do much more like:

  • photo food journaling and pinning
  • seeing your progress so far today
  • see what you need to eat next to reach your goals
  • enjoying hundreds of recipes
  • get instant support from friends
  • and more!

Once you are comfortable with the simple “click the plus sign, score, and save” process, the videos below will show you how to enjoy a bunch of additional benefits from your App.


App How-To Overview