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TIP: Please write down the phone number (347) 979-1735. We’re happy to help via phone 8 – 5 EST M – F and 24/7/365 via service@SANESolution.com.

—STEP 1—

Schedule a Call with Your Personal SANE Success Specialist (scroll down to select a date)

Your SANE Success Specialist is your champion, concierge, single point of contact, and super pal! This means you will never feel confused, overwhelmed, or wonder what to do next, because you will never be alone.

For example, need help? No need to email customer support or to try to talk to a computer ;)… Instead, call, email, or text your SANE Success Specialist and they will ensure you are taken care of while personally helping you enjoy the greatest long-term wellness and weight loss success of your life!

—STEP 2—

See Your Starting Point by Taking the Diagnostic

After scheduling your call, take your Weight Loss Diagnostic by clicking red button button under the scheduling section below. This 3-minute assessment enables your personal SANE Success Specialist to best help you reach your long-term health and weight loss goals.

—STEP 3—

Check Your Email in 15 Minutes

Check your email, junk/spam folder, and (if you use gmail) your Promotions tab in 15 minutes for your login and startup info.

Get Started Simply By Scheduling Your Call Below and Then Scrolling Down to Take Your Diagnostic

After Scheduling Your Call, Click The Red Button Below To…

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