Diabesity Solutions Series & Healing Program Guarantee Terms

I know that starvation dieting and calorie-counting programs have failed you in the past. You deserve better…and I’m committed to eliminating any worry or fear you may be feeling by trying yet again by personally taking all the risk (and then some) for you…because…honestly…there is no risk for either of us when you go SANE.

What I mean is that over 1,300 studies and 100,000 people have PROVEN that if you follow the SANE Plan as prescribed, you too will reach your weight loss goals. I am so sure that if you stick to the SANE Diabesity Solutions Series program daily for six months and do not improve your blood-sugar and body fat percentage, I will give you DOUBLE your money back to apologize for letting you down.

Now you may be wondering why I’d do this.

Simply put, I’ve never had to give anyone double their money back check…the program works…bottom line…it’s just science and common sense. Put a pot of water on the stove, turn it on, and it will boil. Maybe not as fast as we’d like, but eventually, it will. Always. It’s just science. Same thing applies to your SANE Plan. It’s just science. When you do it, it will work. Always.

Here’s what “doing the Plan” consists of:

  1. Like any eating or exercise program, get written consent from your doctor.
  2. Email your Customer Delight Team at Service@SANESolution.com with your current A1c levels and body fat percentage as measured by your doctor within 7 days of purchasing… This marks the start of your 90 days.
  3. Log how many servings of each SANE food group you eat daily and the resistance used for your SANE exercise.
  4. Start this process within a week of purchasing and continue it daily for 90 days.

If after 90 days of eating the serving of SANE foods specified in your plan, exercising weekly, and adding resistance at least every other workout, you do not improve your A1c or body fat percentage, all I ask is that you give us your eating logs, exercise logs, and initial written consent from your doctor (aka just show me that you did the plan), and if you did the plan, I’ll double your money back.

If you do the plan, you will get the results you want. You will. If you don’t do the plan…or anything else for that matter…you won’t get the results you want. Common sense, right?

Note: I cannot stress enough that your entire SANE team will do everything in our power to ensure your success. If fact, in certain cases, we’ll even make special arrangements to further personalize your program to ensure your success. In these contexts, you will have the opportunity to work together on a plan with your SANE Success Specialist. Once that plan is accepted, your success will be even further assured and you will have therefore waved future refund requests. I promise that you will never find another team more committed to your long-term wellness success than your SANE team.

Can’t wait to see you on the inside,

Jonathan Bailor
SANE Founder & NYTimes Bestselling Author