SANE Childhood Obesity Prevention: Feed Your Kid’s Success

SANE Eating For Children, SANE Pregnancy, and The Shocking Facts About Childhood Obesity

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How Do I Make Setpoint Lowering SANE Meals for My Whole Family?

Some of the most common questions I get asked about eating SANE to lower your setpoint weight is how it impacts kids… and more generally… how your whole family eats.

Great news! No more making a separate meal for yourself while the rest of your family eats food they actually enjoy. SANE meals are family-friendly – on two levels.  First, you and your entire family already eat and love a lot of SANE foods.  There’s likely, however, a good amount of inSANE food also in the mix. So your strategy now is to simply to eat so much of the SANE food that you are too full for the setpoint elevating inSANEity.

You still make the foods your family knows and loves, and now you simply add simple SANE Substitutions for the inSANE foods.  On taco Tuesday, have taco shells and add crispy romaine lettuce “shells” option.  On spaghetti night, serve your favorite meat sauce over wheat pasta and also set a bowl of zoodles (zucchini noodles) out.  We call this technique “modular meals” and it is great for gradually transitioning your family to SANE eating, or for situations when you need to cater to several different types of eaters. Your Expert Coaches in the Premium SANE Program can provide a lot more help here.

Second, SANE meals are the healthiest way to eat for everyone in your family: children, teens, adults, older adults, and anyone else. Think about it like this: How could eating food that prevents over eating (Satiety) while optimizing your hormones (Aggression) and giving you most nutrition per calorie (Nutrition) without packing on body fat (Efficiency), not be healthy for everyone?

One quick anecdote about how profoundly SANE can impact your health. For years, my wife and I postponed trying to start a family until I was 35 and she was 36. Our doctors told us the fact that we both work over 70 hours per week, our age, and how long my wife was on hormonal birth control, that it was very unlikely we’d be able to conceive regardless of how “healthy” we both claimed to be. We tried to get pregnant for the first time on November 26, 2017. We conceived our first child on November 27, 2017.

Jonathan Bailor SANE Baby

My wife and I 100% practice what we preach; we are #SANE4Life. We were overjoyed that despite what all the doctors told us, our choice to be #SANE4Life seems to have enabled us to beat the odds for creating life. SANE eating is simply the best way to live; and possibly even the best way to create life 😉

Getting Started With SANE Childhood Obesity Prevention

Is my wife continuing to eat SANE during her pregnancy? Absolutely (in fact, SANE Meal Bars are the only thing that makes her morning sickness go away). Providing optimal nutrition to children (whether in or out of the womb), is nothing short of a moral imperative considering what’s happening with the childhood obesity epidemic. SANE is not only fine for children, it’s even more important for children. When we feed our kids (or grandkids, nieces, nephews, or any little ones we care for) SANEly, we:

Give our children the abundant nutrition their growing bodies need.

Your kids require more nutrition than you do. Water-, fiber-, and protein-rich SANE foods – contain more nutrition per calorie than any other foods, making this plan ideal for your children. They are still growing, so they need optimal nutrition from the most essential vitamins, minerals, proteins, and fats possible. There is no richer source of these than SANE meals.

Give our children calories without giving them pre-diabetes, weight problems, or heart disease.

Growing children need a lot of calories. In the traditional western diet these calories come from sugars, starches and process fats that make them pre-diabetic, overweight, and prone to heart disease later in life. In fact, the most perverted part of the western diet is that “children’s food” is defined by food high in sugars, starches, and processed fats. Think sugary cereal, processed meats, fried everything, cheese on everything, sugar soaked everything. WHAT?!

Want to know the worst possible “food” for any human to eat – let alone humans who need the most nutrition – look at a “kid’s menu.” There is a better way. It is easy, inexpensive, and delicious to supply children with all the calories they’d ever need from wholefood fats (this applies to the athletes in your family too). You can do this deliciously by serving more SANE desserts or simply by adding cocoa/ cacao, coconut, coconut milk, nut butters, avocado, flax seeds, or chia seeds to smoothies.

Give our children stable energy and the ability to “behave” naturally.

Starches and sweets are dramatically more Aggressive than SANE foods. They release a short burst of energy into the body. This causes a brief energy high followed by longer-lasting lethargy. Still developing mentally and emotionally, children are doubly affected by these highs and lows; that is why they start bouncing off the walls and have a hard time concentrating after eating starches and sweets. Giving a child a soda and asking them to then “behave” is literally like someone giving you a line of cocaine and then asking you to “behave.”

SANE eating – which naturally reduces sugar and starch consumption – can go a long way toward supporting a child’s overall body and brain health. It has even been “prescribed” to help kids with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) because it ensures a slow and steady release of energy, increases the nutritional quality of the diet, and enables optimal mood and behavior. Yes, sometimes a “farmacy” can be even more effective – and certainly it has fewer side effects — than a pharmacy.

Set our children up for success now and later.

Warning: These are going to be a tough couple of paragraphs, but you’ve been lied to long enough, so here’s two scientifically proven truths that may change the way you look at the way kids eat forever.

  1. Fat cells that develop during childhood never go away. They can shrink, but they forever predispose that person to obesity.
  2. Being overweight causes children more psychological trauma (think bullying, not being asked to prom, etc.) than just about any other condition.

I could rant about this for hours but consider only this: Why are we so rightly vigilant about protecting children from smoking and second-hand smoke? Because we know it causes permanent health damage. Now consider the two facts about childhood obesity we just covered. Being overweight as a child causes permanent health damage AND permanent psychological damage. So why is it not only ok, but encouraged, that our schools serve our children processed sweets, starches, and fats? Could you imagine if there was a cigarette vending machine in a grade school? Crazy! Smoking causes permanent health damage. But that same school has vending machines packed with inSANE nonsense that not only causes permanent health damage, but also profound permanent psychological damage.

Why SANE Childhood Obesity Prevention?

Please join me in helping our country and world see that encouraging our children to put things into their body that permanently harms them physically and emotionally is tragic. It won’t be easy, and we won’t be able to turn the tide against childhood obesity overnight, but together, we can reverse the fact that today’s children are the first generation in recent history to have a lower life expectancy than us. We can to better. And now, armed with the facts, I’m confident we will.

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Learn the exact foods you must eat if you want to finally lose weight permanently. Click here to download your free Weight Loss Food List, the “Eat More, Lose More” Weight Loss Plan, and the “Slim in 6” Cheat Sheet…CLICK HERE FOR FREE “HOW TO” WEIGHT LOSS GUIDES

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