Who Else Wants To Slim Down While You Enjoy Crunchy Salty Snacks Every Day?

Watch this short presentation to learn how the new, all-natural, protein-packed Cravings Killer Bake-N-CrispsTM help you solve emotional eating without any deprivation!

Watch this fun & informative presentation to the end and discover:

  • How to satisfy your salty and crunchy snack food cravings while balancing your hormones.

  • The surprising substitute for chips that is packed with protein and heart-healthy fats.

  • How to snack your way to better sleep while reducing joint pain and improving your mood.

  • Your new all-natural secret ingredient for  belly-fat-burning breading and baked treats.

TIP: In addition to the microwave, your Crisps also work great in the oven. Simply bake at about 450 for about five minutes until fully “puffed” 🙂

If You Don’t Want To Give Up Crunchy Salty Snacks, But Do Want To Burn Belly Fat and Heal Your Hormones…

This will be the most important crunchy snack discovery you ever make.

Impossibly Delicious

When you first crunch into your Craving Killer Bake-N-Crisps  you will not believe these could possibly be good for you. Besides a crunch that makes potato chips look like soggy cereal, with that first crispy bite, the savory, salty, and succulent sensation of crispy bacon plus the emotionally soothing crunch we all crave will light up your senses like a fireworks display.

Imagine the best parts of potato chips, popcorn, and bacon, remove ALL of the negative health consequences, and add therapeutic protein plus the healthy fat found in olive oil, and you will be forever free of junk food with your new every day Craving Killer Bake-N-Crisps  snack!

SANE = instantly satisfying while making you look and feel better
inSANE = increases cravings while making you sick and fat

Unbelievably Satisfying

Ever experienced “once you pop, you can’t stop?” Don’t worry, we all have. Good news: That never will happen again. Once your Bake-N-Crisps “pop,” after just a single healthy serving you will be so satisfied that you won’t even be able to imagine ever binging on an entire bag of potato chips ever again.

These all-natural savory snacks combine four times more protein than peanuts with the proven benefits of the therapeutic fats found in olive oil to instantly, deliciously, and naturally satisfy your salty and crunchy cravings.

SANE = once you pop, you will be unbelievably satisfied and slimmer

inSANE = once you pop, you can’t stop and gain belly fat

Kid and Spouse Approved

If you are tired of being the “food police,” then you will want to pop a big bowl of Bake-N-Crisps for your family ASAP! Bottom line: Everyone you serve these to will not believe this unique snack could possibly be good for them.  Stop being the bad guy…pop some Bake-N-Crisps and make your family happy and healthy today!

SANE = make everyone in your house smile now while avoiding heart disease later

inSANE = make everyone in your house smile now while promoting heart disease later

Are You Ready To Crunchy Salty Snack Your Way To Slimness?

Watch As Your New Favorite Salty Snack Pops Right In Front Of Your Eyes…

TIP: Your Crisps also work in the oven (or toaster oven) Simply bake at about 450 for about five minutes until fully “puffed” 🙂