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Study of 49,000 Women Shows Eating Less Doesn’t Burn Body Fat Effectively

  “…a general public health recommendation for weight reduction through dieting cannot be supported strongly with existing data.” – D.S. Weigle, University of Washington Occasionally when people hear about SANE they react by saying something like: “To lose weight eat less and exercise more…bottom line. I eat whatever I want and stop at 1,400 calories […]

Calories: What are they and are they important?

  by Catherine W. Britell, M.D.  When we talk about the “calories” in food, what does that really mean? A calorie is defined as enough heat to raise one gram of water one degree centigrade.  Dietitians actually use “calorie” to mean the kilocalorie, or large “C” Calorie (equal to 1,000 calories), in measuring the calorific, heating, or […]

10 Reasons To Eat Real Food

10. The rate of obesity has MORE THAN DOUBLED since 1980. 9. There are as many overweight people alive as there were TOTAL PEOPLE ALIVE ~100 years ago. 8. More than 40 million children UNDER 5 are overweight. 7. Obesity is now the #1 health concern among U.S. parents, TOPPING DRUGS & SMOKING. 6. The […]

Sweeteners: More Profitable and Common than Ever

The most common and powerful weapon in the food industry’s arsenal is added sweeteners. Researcher Michael F. Jacobson, with the Center for Science in the Public Interest, said, “Carbonated soft drinks are the single most-consumed food in the American diet.” The problem has gotten so bad that at the turn of the millennium the average […]

How Our Set-Point Rises

Our metabolism keeps us at our set-point the same way it does everything else: hormones. The two most commonly talked about are insulin and leptin. Insulin determines whether we are storing or burning body fat. Leptin regulates how much food we eat, how much energy we burn, and the amount of body fat specified by […]

Is SANE Eating a Low-Carb Diet?

  The brilliant MooseGeorge from the Support Group asked a wonderful question the other day: There are 3 types of carbs, fiber, sugar and starch. Really only 2 types as starch is just long chains of sugar that are broken back down to simple sugars by our digestion. Fiber isn’t digested by humans and so […]

Your Set-Point Weight

  “The set-point theory of body weight regulation is based on a large body of empiric evidence.”– D.S. Weigle, University of Washington Our fat metabolism system automatically regulates our weight around a “set-point.” That set-point is why no matter how little we eat or how much we exercise, we generally end up weighing the same. […]