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Welcome! Please enjoy your getting started steps and gifts below. You will also get personalized step-by-step coaching, lunch/dinner meal plans, and grocery lists in your email inbox later this week (and every week after that)! Thank you for going SANE with us. If we can ever be of service regarding your membership, we’re happy to help here. – Your SANE Customer Delight Team

PS You can watch an overview of your premium plan here. Note: These videos will show you lots of Premium goodness.  See them as a preview of resources that will change your life over the coming months. For now, please stay focused on the simple steps below.

Starvation Is NOT Healthy. Stop counting calories & go #SANE w/me at

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Please enjoy these steps in order. Your Premium Plan includes a lot of tools and resources, but if you take it one step at a time (and let us help you all along the way), SANEity is shockingly simple.

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Make Long-Term Success Simple With Your Premium Tools

When you log in to your Web Program & Mobile App, please make sure the account you log in with uses the email address where you get your SANE emails.

You can watch demo videos of all of your premium tools by clicking here.

Web Program How-To

Log-in to your Web Program by clicking MEMBER LOG IN at the upper right of (your password was emailed to you the day you joined premium).

What To Do With Your Web Program & App


Download a Printable Checklist of Everything You’ve Seen Here

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Conference Videos

Join SANE Founder Jonathan Bailor for rare wellness conference highlights including: Radical Changes Coming with Calories 2.0, The Importance of Focusing on Progress vs. Perfection, How Unity is Key to Ending Obesity, and more!

Fired-Up And Uncut with Jonathan Bailor

NOTE: These never-before-released and uncut videos were shot after SANE founder Jonathan Bailor was asked what upsets him most about the “just starve yourself harder” approach to “health” that has been forced on us for the past 50 years. Going SANE is all about pursuing the positive rather than attacking the negative, so we share this footage with caution as it is more “angry” than we’d like. Jonathan is a bit embarrassed at how fired-up he got. When you see these rare, uncut, and unedited videos, please remember: What you are for strengthens you; what you are against weakens you. You will get you fired-up by what you see in these videos. Please direct that passion towards positivity–helping others go SANE–versus negativity–allowing calorie myths to steal your joy. Please also note that much like the “deleted scenes” you see on some DVDs, these are literally uncut, so please forgive the rougher production quality.