Annice’s Story: SANE Helped Me LIVE Again




SANE is so much more than weight loss: It is not effortless but much easier than anything I’ve done health wise.




Have you ever had a terrible nightmare from which you couldn’t wake up?  A bad dream where your feet are all tangled up and you can’t move or run? That’s how my life was before SANE.

At 62 years of age, I weighed 266 lbs, suffered from back aches, knee aches, feet are swollen until purplish red and was just going through the motions of living. I was a retired Registered Nurse with a Bachelor of Science Degree and a Master of Science degree in Counselling and I couldn’t even help myself. I felt guilty and so ashamed of having all this knowledge and training and didn’t look like I knew anything about health. I had tried many, many, weight loss programs in my lifetime, some sensible and successful, and some really stupid and downright dangerous. I would lose some weight and then something would just “happen”. I’d give up because I didn’t get the compliments I thought I would get, nobody noticed or sometimes they would praise me and I would go into this celebration mode and eat myself into oblivion.

Each time I slipped off a program, all the weight I lost, I gained back, plus more. When I was alone, binge eating was a constant comfort. Then when I “messed up” I would go on an eating spree until the next time, and the next, and so on. I finally said that’s it for me, I’m just going to try to be content with the body I was in and forget about losing weight.

Then I opened an email from Jonathan Bailor @ SANE. I don’t know how it came to me but however it was orchestrated, I do believe that it was by divine intervention. I’m one of those people who over-think everything. Before I knew it I had signed up for the free webinar and EVERYTHING Jonathan said made sense and just “clicked”. I had very little money but in faith, signed up with a doable plan.

The sound research and scientifically proven rationale behind SANE resonated with me. Now I know that it was not my fault. Now I know I wasn’t just greedy and lazy! After only three days of eating non-starchy vegetables, nutrient dense proteins, whole food fats and low sugar fruits, I felt more energetic and more satisfied than I ever have been. I was too satisfied to miss bread, rice, cakes and ice cream. The most amazing thing of all is that my brain fog lifted. I could think clearly! I felt like going around shouting hallelujah! But I managed to spare myself the embarrassment.

I don’t feel obsessed with my weight anymore. I do feel down sometimes because there are so many things going on in my life right now. But the SANE coaches, Jonathan’s live coaching, and my SANE support friends are truly like family. They pull me up when I’m down and celebrate with me in ALL that I share. I don’t weigh myself very often, but to date, I have lost forty-three pounds in ten months, four inches off my waist, five inches off my hips and three inches off my thighs. I’m almost pain-free and I am living life.

I’m opening a cottage retreat and wellness center in my birth island of Cayman Brac later this year. It’s as if I’ve awakened from that awful dream and life of nothingness to have another dreamlike experience. Only this time it’s wonderful and surreal.

SANE is so much more than weight loss: It is not effortless but much easier than anything I’ve done health wise. It literally saved my life and gave me hope and a future. And guess what? I’ve only just started. I have the rest of my life to experience more health benefits and to share with others. One of SANE’s mottos is “Progress” not “Perfection” and it will always be my motto too.

I am so very, very grateful.